A Cheating Heart

This is a real story

Navin went out the house. He put on his shoes and hurriedly reached the street. He even didn’t inform his wife about his departure. According to last seven years routine, he used to go out after having breakfast and tea. He did it always after work in the office. But today he went out hurriedly when his wife was busy to prepare tea in the kitchen.

Mr Navin has to meet Megha, a lady who was with her family. She really seems like the moon. He imagined Megha’s big eyes which attracted him. Her big, almond eyes stroked his heart like arrow A real attractive lady. Thinking of her, he was almost lured to lost on the way. She really looked beautiful yesterday. The red flower on her plait defeated every beauty in front of her. He is proud of Megha. While enjoying relationship with Megha he does not wish even to imagine his wife’s face. ‘The make up in my wife’s face doesn’t suit. The make up too seeks the right face to suit. My wife neither prepares nice food nor knows to do anything,” he spoke to himself. His hate for his wife grew. He is not satisfied with a single act of his wife. He thinks, Megha seems to him like grape which can be seen always. Though, her teeth are white and trim. Oil on her hair and expensive scent on her dress always make her look like a bride. He thought and decided at once to make her his second wife.

When Navin was pushing himself through a busy street, an office co-worker, disturbed him. ‘I have urgent office work. Saying so, he escaped. On the way he thought to see Megha and make her his second wife. He remembered his first wife who had given birth to two children. It was possible neither to divorce her nor to keep them separately due to lack of money. He cursed his luck. He recalled his position in the office. He worked in the newspaper. The salary he gets is not enough to maintain all these people. His first wife who belonged to an uneducated family, was quite unconscious about everything, he blamed her for having two children. He compared Magha and his wife. He wished that wives should be like Magha, who is ever ready for laugh, go out for lunch and dinner and looks new every time.

Again he thought if his is income can not meet the needs of her; thinking so he became mad. He told himself his life would be incomplete in the absence of Magha. He was about to weep. Meanwhile he was disturbed by the chairman of his Village Development Committee. ‘Hello Navin! what made you to behave like this? Your shoes are on the wrong feet! have you have lost your mind or what ‘ Such a bitter complain from the chairman upset him. His shirt was unbuttoned too.

Navin had been working since 17 years without a promotion or increase in salary. If he would be a politician, at least he would have been promoted to ward member the chairman thought himself. Navin shocked himself. He thanked the chairman and corrected himself from top to bottom. He was eager to see Megha. He has forgotten his wife and children. He wished to pass the whole night with Megha. He concluded his own wife as the disturbing elements.

“Your salary is not enough to maintain a home and educate the children. You need not be sad. We would eat cheap to educate our children.” His wife usually used to say it in the end on every month when there was a shortage of money. In this long period of marriage the wife has got nothing except a gold ring. He spoke himself “Perhaps my wife does not have a mind to eat and wear standard goods. The progress of husband depends on the activity of wife. If his wife were active, he would have progressed equal to the chairman, he thought. He thinks he really doesn’t want to think about his wife.

He kept his way to Megha. He had drawn his salary the day before. He had some money to buy sugar and oil. He decided to buy some presents for Megha. He imagined Meghai’s face. He is grateful to her. He would like to buy her a lot of things at a time but his income does not allow him to do so . If he had a lot of money, he would would buy all the up to date and fashionable clothes for her. His heart filled with the love of Megha. He forgot his wife who had accompanied him for 10 years without any complain. His wife never complained to have tasty food and fashionable clothes.

He went to market and bought a present for Megha. He wanted to keep her happy. The people on the way seemed him to disturb elements. The way to Megha was quite long today. He was eager to meet Megha. If he fails to reach Megha in time, his wife might call on the phone and to disturb him. It would be very bad if his wife comes to know about his relationship. He was talking himself If his wife leaves he would accept Megha as his wife. ‘ I would leave the first wife and the two children at once, he said.

Fifty year old Navin is excited for Megha. He wants to forget his wife, who cared him and his children. He declared ‘I care not about the people’s comment to marry with Megha’.

When he neared to the room of Megha, he corrected his hair style and dress unconsciously He hold the present transparently and knocked at the door. After a while the door was opened. It was Megha standing at the door. She welcomed. Navin couldn’t decide what to do. He remained standing with the present, looking at her.

Nepali journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor for mediaforfreedom.com. She specialises in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development.