Somberday in Florida After Mass Shooting

Somberday in Florida after mass shooting by solo terrorist - cartoon.
Somberday in Florida after mass shooting by solo terrorist.

It was a Somberday in Florida. A Florida-born muslim man, apparently acting on his own killed around 50 people inside a gay nightclub.

The crazy terrorist apparently called 911 just before he started shooting, to pledge allegiance to Islamic State.

Barack Obama described the shooting as an act of terror and hate. It is now the worst mass shooting ever.

The name of the shooter was released. He was Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old man living in Florida, born in New York.

He had an assault rifle, and listening to videos made at the time, many consecutive single shots can be hears ringing out.

Apparently this man was known to the FBI and they had spoken to him more than once in the past. They are gathering information. They say he made terrorist-related comments. They also say they investigated a link between him and an American suicide bomber.

His father condemned the killings. He said his son had seen men kissing and touching each other in the street and was incensed about that.

His wife said he was abusive to her, but they were no longer together. She also said he was mentally unstable.

It is a sad day.

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