Joe Biden Tests His Mr Transparency Suit

Joe Biden plays Mr. Transparency in the upcoming election, taking a clue from Nancy Pelosi who told Americans she had to pass ObamaCare to find out what was in it.

When asked his opinion on court-packing, Biden told reporters “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing after the election.”

So much for transparency and telling potential voters what he stands for – or doesn’t.

Of course, everything is politics, and both parties play politics when they can. Gone are the days that Congress does anything for the good of the country, or the good of the people.

People always wonder how most of them go in poor and come out rich.

mr transparency joe biden
Joe Biden plays Mr. Transparency in an upcoming election. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

The Supreme Court

For the past 100 years, the Supreme Court has been composed of nine judges, other than for short periods where there has been a vacancy.

Republicans helped stoke controversy in 2016 by not even considering Merrick Garland, who was nominated by Barack Obama after the death of Judge Antonin Scalia.

This was a Republican “dirty trick.”

Presidents nominate a candidate for the bench and it is up to the Senate to consider that nominee and either approve or reject the nomination. In 2016, the Senate was controlled by Republicans who considered Judge Garland to be too liberal, and they refused to even hold hearings.

Democrat presidents are generally seen as wanting to weaken the Supreme Court, to turn it into an extended liberal law-making body. Republicans, on the other hand, want a conservative court that rules strictly by the Constitution.

Somehow, Democrat politicians think it is their right to destroy the balance that the Supreme Court provides as an independent arbiter. It is also their main goal.

Many Democrat voters simply cheer on their politicians without thinking about the consequences. That’s what happened in 2013 when Harry Reid destroyed the Senate “Supermajority” rule. I said at the time that it would come back to bite them, because Republicans would use the same rule at some time in the future, and Democrats would complain about it.

Here’s what happened. Harry Reid abolished the filibuster for federal appointments whether executive or judicial, and also for all judges at district and circuit court level. The Senate (controlled by Democrats) then packed the lower courts with liberal Obama nominees.

That’s what can happen now, with the Supreme Court nomination.

Democrats like to play dirty, but only when they win. Republicans are happy to play dirty so they can win, especially when it was Democrats who broke the rules and set a new precedent.

Transparency For Thee But Not For Joe

While openly calling for transparency from everyone else, Joe Biden and the DNC show they never practice what they preach. Biden wants complete transparency from Donald Trump on health, COVID, tax return and wealth, but offers nothing of himself.

Maybe after the election, if he wins – or maybe not.

Anyone who has been following along wants to hear some transparency on the Biden family while Joe was Vice President.

As always, it is definitely transparency for thee but not for Joe Biden – or Kamala Harris – or the DNC. And of course, the same goes for the other side, but Biden and Democrats seems to have a lot more to lose. Which is why they deflect.


Being a politician who has had 47 years to practice, Joe Biden has learned many things. With the backing of his party and a complicit 3-monkey media, he knows he has no need to be transparent with the people he is supposed to serve.

If the Democrat-controlled congress could get away with passing ObamaCare without reading it, they can get away with a candidate with no policies and no idea what his position is on important topics.

Biden’s position (or Harris’ if you believe that Biden will be replaced) will depend on the politics of the day. If they can achieve their goals without changing the rules, they will, otherwise, get ready for packing the court and adding new states to tip the balance in their favor.

This was clearly seen in action when Judge Gorsuch was nominated. There was no need for Mitch McConnel to invoke the nuclear option, so he didn’t do it.

Only time will tell if Democrats can get away with these tricks.

The unknown factors are:

  • centrist voters turned off by the prospect of more dirty tricks
  • democrat voters who love their country more than Joe
  • black and hispanic voters who realize Democrats use them
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