Democrats Will Win Midterms Because Deplorables Don’t Care

Democrats, buoyed by pollsters’ findings, think they can take the house and senate in the midterms. Traditionally, things go badly for the party in power in the midterms. Democrats will win midterms because deplorables don’t care – that’s what they are saying.

Republicans are worried, because the polls are against them, even though all of the polls were wrong about Trump in 2016. Both Democrats and Republicans are working hard to motivate people to vote.

schumer says democrats will win
Schumer says democrats will win because deplorables don’t care enough about Trump.

One big question is – do democrat voters hate Trump more than they like low unemployment and a booming economy?

Certainly, there is a very vocal crowd blinded by hatred, who would love to go back to a moribund economy and high unemployment rather than vote for Trump. Unknown is whether the #WALKAWAY movement and conservative voters will make their own feelings known, by getting out and voting.

On September 26th, one Republican and 140 Congressional Democrats did not vote yes on a resolution to condemn illegal aliens voting in the election this week. The House of Representatives bill (H.Res 1071) recognizes that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote diminishes the voting power of US citizens. The bill did pass, by a margin of 279-72, with 69 voting “present.” The Bill’s sponsor was California Republican, Kevin McCarthy. (R-CA-23)

In San Francisco recently, it was reported that illegal aliens have been encouraged to vote! No prizes for a guess which way they might vote.

This makes it appear that democrat voters care more about what politicians and media tell them, than the economy and their bank accounts.

Alan Gray
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