Joe Biden Wants Minority Voters To Ignore His Past Action

Back in 1994, Joe Biden wrote legislation to “take back the streets.” and put offenders in prison for life. That legislation ended up putting thousands of non-violent offenders in jail for life. Now he and the DNC want voters to ignore his past action – and inaction.

One of those people in prison for life thanks to Biden’s legislation was Alice Johnson. She was convicted for drug crimes and associated money-laundering. She was a non-violent offender, but she got a life sentence. Biden’s law disproportionately affected black people. The laws weren’t made to raise people up, rather to put them down and keep them down by locking them away in prison. That’s the way many laws are.

In 2009, and over the next eight years, Joe Biden and Barack Obama said they cared about fighting injustice. Having seen how Biden’s own legislation devastated black families, Obama and Biden had ample opportunity to address some of the inequities the legislation created. They said they cared about black families. But they didn’t do it.

Eventually, Alice Johnson’s life sentence was commuted to time served, plus the original five years supervised release. But it wasn’t due to the actions of Joe Biden or Barack Obama. It was Donald Trump who commuted Alice Johnson’s sentence.

Alice Johnson’s case and others then lead Donald Trump to create The First Step Act. That act helped to right some of the many wrongs perpetrated on people.

And here is the terrible politico tweet that denigrated Alice Johnson.

Democrat Party policies have helped destroy black families. Their policies took black men out of families, they promoted black abortions, promoted single motherhood and lack of responsibility, and put people away for long sentences. They helped send jobs overseas and said those jobs were never coming back.

But it wasn’t only Joe Biden who took no remediation. As California Attorney General, Kamala Harris put non-violent people in prison for long terms. many of them were black men.

So it seems more than a little strange that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the DNC’s choice for president and vice-president. They now expect to tie up the black vote, as though black people were a monolithic voting bloc that can’t think for themselves.

Biden’s taunt that “You ain’t black,” and other taunts, show that he cares more about black votes than black people.

Joe and Kamala hate the hashtag #Walkaway. It is driving them crazy. That’s why they are pinning their hopes on mail-in ballots and illegal alien voters, so they never need to worry about the black vote again.

alice johnson
Alice Johnson. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

In the video below, Joe Biden explains his reasons for the tough legislation in 1994. Something had to be done, but as is often the case, legislation has far-reaching consequences. But after passing the law, Joe’s focus was elsewhere, and the consequences were off his radar.

Biden and Obama had eight years to undo some of the consequences of that legislation, and as California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris had a chance to fix some of the injustices in the system. These three people in powerful positions had a chance to right egregious wrongs. They didn’t.

And now they expect people to believe their promises to do things in the future that go completely against their previous actions.

Now these three people say, after their long government service, that a man who has been in politics for only four years bears responsibility for things they did and said, or did not do and did not say, over their long political careers. Anyone who believes them has not openly considered what’s really happening here.

Democrats are very good at playing dirty political games and very good at using their supporters to fight the battles they choose. They don’t care who gets hurt in the process, and as can be clearly seen, other people are usually the collateral damage.

Now, Joe has other things on his mind – just being able to remember his lines – so it is too much to expect him to do anything about justice for others. And what can be expected of Kamala Harris? Nothing.

And that’s why both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say whatever they think people want to hear – and then do something else. They don’t care about all the Alice Johnsons. All they have to do is get their media pals to cover up their previous actions. It’s criminal.

Alan Gray
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