Good News For Democrats, Biden Believes In Science

In an announcement that appears to be good news For Democrats, Joe Biden says he believes in science.

Biden stated “Let me be clear. I trust vaccines. I trust the scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump. And at this moment, the American people can’t either.”

joe biden is for vaccines unless trump is
Joe Biden is for vaccines unless Trump is. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

In his most recent address to the nation of nobody. Biden is seen clearly reading from a teleprompter or a screen in front of him. Whoever wrote his script spread it on thick, like molasses, when he said “I’m profoundly grateful for the scientists and the researchers working tirelessly to ensure that a safe and effective vaccine becomes a reality as soon as possible.”

Because Joe never talks about reality, only about future promises, he doesn’t need to worry about inconvenient facts. Joe can talk about hyperbole, such as “When the work comes to fruition, and it will, there will be no doubt it will save lives.”

Sadly, vaccines don’t usually work out that way – they usually end up killing a small number of people and messing up their gut bacteria.

Clearly, this is a speech written for the teleprompter, for an audience of zero people. They probably couldn’t even afford to distract him with a cameraman.

Eventually, after waffling for just over a minute, Biden gets into the real purpose of his made-for-video performance – sticking a steak knife into Donald Trump.

While neither Joe Biden nor his campaign are transparent with what is really going on with his health, their motive is transparent. That motive is to again trick democrats and especially black voters into believing the DNC actually cares as much about them as human beings, as they care about their vote.

In effect, Joe Biden is saying “Trust me with your vote, and I’ll do great things for you, unlike what I did to you over the past 47 years.”

The mainstream media plays along with the DNC game because they hate Donald Trump, because they can’t control Trump. They have tried every dirty trick in the book to control him, but he is a machine that never stops and will not be distracted from supporting his country and the people.

Clearly, Joe is wrong on his final point about the American people not trusting Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been holding campaign protest rallies all over the country, with tens of thousands of supporters, who line up for hours waiting to see him. Biden performs to a crowd of zero, and when he appears outside his basement, there is nobody waiting for him to wave to, other than maybe a rabbit in the grass, off the edge of the tarmac.

Yet the media keep trumpeting polls that say Biden leads Trump. The only people who believe those polls at this point are democrats who are hoping against hope that the predictions of a Harris-Biden landslide are true. They are also hoping that they will soon be rid of the bad orange man forever.

It seems a fair bet that those people will be crying all the way through November and the next four years, unless the Democrats can pull off the electoral fraud they’ve been working on so diligently.

Alan Gray
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