How You Can Make Moving Hassle Free

Moving from one home to another is certainly a stressful event and if you’re like most people, you want it to be as hassle and stress-free as possible. However, in order for this event to go smoothly, you need to be organized and know exactly what to do on and before the day of the move. A well planned move will ensure that all of your belongings are properly packed up and securely transported without any negative events. Some of the events you want to avoid include broken valuables, lost items, items that are left behind, damage to either property, lack of organization in the packaging etc. With that said, we will now cover some of the most important things you need to be aware of so that you can plan a successful moving day.

Choose A Reputable Moving Company

If you have plans of doing all of the moving yourself, then it will be quite difficult if not impossible to have a hassle free move. It is best that you hire a reputable moving company that knows exactly what they’re doing and have trained help to pack up all of your belongings and transport it to your new home. You should take time to look at all of the moving companies in your local area and do an in-depth Google search on each one to read past customer reviews and ratings. By doing so, you will get a better idea of each moving company, their typical cost, professionalism and whether they can be trusted to do the job or not.

After you’ve read as many customer reviews as possible, you should be able to find a company that has mostly positive reviews. It is better to pay more for a highly recommended company than to go for a cheap company that will not take care of your valuables.

Ensure The Moving Crew Is Experienced & Professional

It is essential that you do further research on the moving company you intend on hiring and find out the experience level and professionalism of the moving crew. Unfortunately, there are many moving companies that hire inexperienced college students and untrained staff for moves. Even though it may be easy to sympathize with this, it is imperative that the moving crew that is involved in your move have many years of actual moving experience and know exactly what they’re doing. This is your entire life and you don’t want to trust it to amateurs!

Take Note Of Delicate Items

Before the move, you should take note of all the delicate and fragile items in your home that need to be moved. If they are particularly delicate and expensive, you may want to consider moving these items yourself. Alternatively, you can make a note of all these items and move them into one area of your house and prepare them for moving yourself. You should make sure they are properly wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in sealed boxes. You should also create a list of all your delicate items so that you can check them off as they are packed and then ensure that all arrive at your new home. Be sure to let the moving staff know how delicate these items are so they can handle them with extreme care.

Make Sure You Have Enough Packing Supplies

In most cases, moving companies have packing supplies, but it may be more cost effective to buy your own. These include boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, markers, scissors etc. The last thing you want is to run out of any of these items on the day of the move.

Create A System For Packing

Unfortunately, many people just pack all of the items in their house in boxes and move them without ever labeling the boxes. This is a recipe for stress, especially when unpacking since you won’t know which boxes contain what items and where those items belong. Therefore, you should always pack similar items together and thoroughly label each box. You should label all of the items that are in the box as well as which room in the house those items belong in. Another way to do this is to simply put a number on each box and then have a master file where you write down the items in each numbered box.

Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Want To Carry

Most people have some form of clutter in their homes and I’m sure your home is no different. We all tend to collect items that should have been thrown away or items that have outgrown their usefulness. As a result, you should take some time before the moving day to de-clutter and clean every room of your home. This means throwing away old clothing, broken household items, old and broken toys, old and broken furniture etc. By doing so, you won’t be taking these items to your new home, where they will only take up space and continue the cycle of clutter. If you have items that you no longer want, but they are in good shape and usable, then you can donate those items or host a garage sale.

Pack A Moving Bag For Yourself & Your Family

Once you move to your new home, it will take some time before the packers will be able to unpack all of your stuff. So, it is best that you have a bag that contains items that both you and your family will need for at least one day. This includes food, snacks, toiletries, a fresh change of clothing, towels, necessary medication etc. Also, do not forget to change your address with

Don’t Forget Your Pets

If you have pets, then you need to make sure to pack a bag that you can carry with you which contains their food, toys, collars, leashes, moving crate etc. It is particularly important that you have a crate where they can stay in while the movers pack and unpack. It will not only keep the movers safe but ensure that your pet doesn’t get accidentally trampled upon.

We have just looked at a few tips that will make moving a whole lot easier. Once you follow these guidelines, your move will be seamless and you’ll soon be settled in your new home.

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