How AI is Making People Rich

A website called has received a monumental $25 million investment in order to further the quality and capabilities of an AI-powered software which supplies a personally tailored functionality to users based an analysis of their behavioral patterns.

Such a system is known as ‘Smart Feed’, and has now been running for just over a month since the beginning of September 2017. You may be interested in such a system, and what made the investors place so much faith in it. Check out for more information.

Such a system has been designed to observe and process an array of informational systems in real time, compiling a detailed and highly personalised informative service.

The Problem With Human Thinking

Humans are very vulnerable towards blanket thinking, and there are certain patterns and trends which Smart Feed has observed and compiled, which are then fed back to the user whenever such a bias has been activated.

Such a service will alert an individual whenever they happen to be about to engage in such a dangerous and risky transaction, providing a more aptly rational suggestion as a more productive alternative.

There is what is known as an overconfidence bias with stock traders who have made quite a decent money by following a routine and segmented strategy which has indeed been successful in some respects.

The losses will come when one tries to generalize such strategies to other stocks, which would of course require their own relevant strategies to operate successfully. This is exactly the type of blunder that Smart Feed will help traders avoid.

It can be said that the human brain is too emotive and discriminating to be able to handle stock trading with the proper rationality and accuracy.

A System that Works through Complexity

Artificial intelligence is something which becomes more powerful the more information you feed it. While most would think of a scientific or mathematical realm providing such systems with the necessary ocean of information, the world of finance has plenty of content to facilitate of a specific AI node to grow to the relevant level of cognition needed.

With the massive amount of trading being done today – be it cryptocurrency or more traditional stocks – there is just an infinite amount of transactional history to be assessed and compiled by artificial intelligences.

The cognitive capabilities of such systems are infinite, they will continue to become more credible and reliable as people continue to trade and such systems continue to observe these movements.

A Service for Anyone

This service is fantastic for novices in stock trading, who are desperate for any sound advice or guidance. While traditionally such help would only be found through a trusted and successful mentor, or through forums and the like, one can now receive the most accurate and sound planning which is based on irrefutable coded evidence.

If you are a veteran of the stock trading world, there is still much which you can learn, and you need to accept that not every decision which you make is foolproof.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.