How to Convert Social Media Traffic into Customers

In a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 45% of online shoppers say they make shopping decisions by reading social media reviews and comments. So how to turn social media followers, likes and comments to e-commerce profits? Here are strategies that to improve e-commerce performance and convert social media traffic to sales.

1. Provide a Cohesive Customer Experience

One way of enhancing cohesive experiences is to share social media proof on product pages. People are more confident when they realize real people are writing and reviewing products in the right light. This will help seamlessly transform social media followers into actual sales.

How to Convert Social Media Traffic into Customers 1
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2. Enhance Mobile Friendliness

Over 60% of search engine searches today are done on smartphones. Worse yet 90% of daily Facebook users access it via mobile phones. When sharing links to a site that is not mobile friendly, chances are bounce rates are going to increase instead of converting social media traffic to customers.

The best option is to use an adaptive delivery that displays different versions of the web, based on factors such as device, geography or traffic sources.

3. Provide Omni-Channel Experiences

There is no a better way to get customers tuned in than streamlining their experiences, and that is where omni-channel user experiences come in. A customer engagement company can ensure the seamless integration of consumer conversations on a cross-platform basis.

4. Share Engaging Content

The content shared needs to shows followers the expertise of the poster. Blog links and YouTube videos can be shared. Give followers shortcuts and hacks and teach them one or two things they probably did not know about the product. Always include a strong call to action message to your content.

Elissa from the Canvas Factory said, “We share content constantly across our blog and social media platforms, tracking each piece for engagement and obviously revenue. As far as straight conversions go, content does not seem to convert that well, but when you look a bit deeper into multi-channel attribution, it becomes clear that engaging content is a vital part of turning a visitor into a customer.”

5. Offer Social Exclusives

Offers and discounts make clients feel like they are a part of a special group. This does not have to be done every day but it can be done once in a while. Most importantly, do not give exaggerated offers. People prefer products that have discounts, even 2%, over those sold at full price.

6. Cross-Platform Promotion

Take the opportunity to market on other social media platforms. Market each on the other for instance, give Facebook followers twitter or Pinterest handles and Vice Versa. This is the way to get more audience on all platforms.

7. Include Contact Details

While it may look obvious, many people forget to include contact details. Provide multiple contact options including at least a phone number and an email address. Also include a link to your website so that customers can be easily redirected.

8. Don’t Neglect a Call-to-Action

When looking to convert social media traffic into sales, make it clear. Let customers know exactly what they need to do. Do they need to call, send an email, make a purchase, request for discounts and so on? Give them the available options on how they can do business.

Whichever way you opt for, it is very feasible and profitable to convert your social media traffic into real-time customers.

Anne Lawson
Anne Lawson is a British writer who keeps her eye on business and trending issues that affect us all. She loves to delve into the real story and give us interesting tidbits we might otherwise miss.