Buy Advertising Space on the Infamous ‘Baby Jake’

What better way to get your company noticed than on a 13 month old baby boy! He is just beginning to walk and is “toddling” everywhere. With his dark hair and ‘big’ blue eyes and beautiful complexion, he gets the attention of everyone he meets!

Baby Jake and his parents live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, but companies don’t have to be in that area to get great value from the promotion.

This is not Jake’s first foray into advertising, but it is to be his last. He was the infamous eBay Baby that sold advertising space on his clothing when he was 5 months old. Baby Jake was live on Fox & Friends, in countless newspapers, including the Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing, The Herald, Citizen Georgian and talked about on syndicated radio stations such as Star 94 with Cindy & Ray and The Ace & TJ show.

Jake’s mom told NewsBlaze, “We will dress Baby Jake in the winning company’s provided apparel for the amount of time chosen, everywhere we go.” of course, all advertising must be pre-approved by Mom and Dad.

So what will a 13 month-old boy do with the income? All money from this advertising adventure will go directly into Baby Jake’s account to be used by him when he is an adult. This is Baby Jake’s last advertising adventure and the space will only be sold to one company, on a first come, first served basis. The name of the company will be announced on the website, at buyjakecom and at

You can add the site to your favorites and check back for ‘News and Updates’ on Baby Jake’s final advertising adventure.

ChatGuard won the first auction, when Jake was 5 months old. Baby Jake is like family to ChatGuard, however, that adventure has ended and Baby Jake is at it again!

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