Frank Serafine – Innovator of Sound Design Remembered

The late Frank Serafine was one of the innovators of sound design for cinema. It is a credit he well deserved.

Frank was known for such blockbusters as Star Trek, and such movies as Adams Family, The Fog, Poltergeist II, Robot Jox, The Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity, Field of Dreams, and the Emmy Winning Design on Outstanding Sound Editing for Limited Series Movie on The Day After and Oscar Winning Sound Design for The Hunt for Red October.

Frank was a kind genuine soul who uplifted everyone. He was a positive people person, full of love for his fellow human beings.

Frank Serafine Credits

Brett Leonard, one of Frank’s dear friends who is known for directing and producing Lawnmower Man, Viruosity, Hideaway, and winning Best Special Effects Video for Peter Gabriel Kiss and Frog stated, “Frank was the creator of soundscapes. He also produced Ravi Shankar his teacher and friend, along with George Harrison on Tana Mana.”

frank serafine
Frank Serafine and the Hollywood sign.

During the early part of his career, Serafine produced, composed, and performed live stage shows at Space Mountain Pavilion for Disneyland, not to mention the interactive museum exhibit installation for Disney/Marvel’s Avenger S.T.A.T.I.O.N. currently featured at the historic Discovery New York Times Square Building.

Frank Serafine’s Passion

Joan Collins, another dear friend of Frank Serafine mentioned that once she was with Frank in Chicago on their way to the airport, of which they had two hours to get there. Frank had stopped under the L Train to catch the sound, at which time Joan thought to herself, “what are you doing Frank, we’re going to miss the plane.” That was the creative side of Frank Serafine, always creating, always formulating sounds that made him the innovator of Sound Design.

Victoria Casanova, an artist, learned from Serafine how to catch sound. “It was cool to see how Frank did that from one artist to the other. He was passionate about sound.”

Entertainment Attorney Frank Correa, stated, “I worked sound in creating a sound library for 20 years with Frank. That was my first job as a kid getting into the business.”

Frank Serafine was one of those rare individuals whom everyone loved and adored. His persona will be remembered and be part of the history of digital cinematic format.

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