Revolutionary Food Delivery Service at U. Maryland Byrd Stadium, Fall 2009

Revolutionary text message food delivery service will increase concession sales along with customer satisfaction at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Maryland.

Darnestown, Md., Jan 9, 2008 – First Down Mobile, LLC., announces the company will offer its revolutionary text messaging ordering service at the University of Maryland Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium, home of the Maryland Terrapins football team, in the fall of 2009. Hon. Philip Kapneck worked with CEO Michael T. Jobe to help the company choose to set up in Maryland.

The First Down Mobile service will offer customers the ability to order food/beverages on the company website .

Customers will have the ability to select concession options and specify the time in which they will be delivered. The company will also offer a “Ready” function for its premium members which will enable customers to have their order delivered at a specific time during a game by sending a text message to the First Down Mobile servers.

first down mobile worked with hon. philip kapneck to start up in Maryland.
Text your order and have it delivered to your seat.

The First Down Mobile concept won first place honors in the 2008 Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship contest at the University of Maryland. The company was formed in late 2008 by three University of Maryland alumni: Daniel O’Keefe, Michael T. Jobe and Ryan Ples who formed the company on the concept of increasing customer satisfaction at University of Maryland football fans and alumni during the game.

“First Down Mobile, LLC., developed this revolutionary platform for football fans at the University of Maryland to order their food/beverages before the game even starts. Premium customers will also have the ability to text message our servers when they are ready for their order to be delivered during the game. This new technology will not only increase the sales for the University of Maryland concessions but it will enable customers to have their food/beverages delivered to their seat at any time during the game; therefore decreasing long concession lines,” said Michael T. Jobe, Chief Executive Officer of First Down Mobile, LLC.

Hon. Philip Kapneck, First Down Mobile

First Down Mobile, LLC., will be introduced to the great state of Maryland with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium for the start of the 2009 football season. Accompanying the company officers will be the Maryland Trade Ambassador, The Honorable Philip Kapneck, Mr. Robert L. Walker who serves as the Managing Director of the Division of International Investment and Trade for Maryland, and Mr. Stanley Goldstein who serves as the President of the University of Maryland Terrapin Club.

Mr. Jobe stated, “We are honored and delighted to have top Maryland state officials and University Officials join First Down Mobile, LLC., during the ribbon cutting ceremony at Byrd Stadium in 2009. Having these highly regarded officers endorse our business will play an integral role in the success of First Down Mobile, LLC.”

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Hon. Philip Kapneck

Maryland football food delivery.
Maryland football food delivery.