Top Model and Businesswoman Simonetta Lein Is Bullish on the Future of Digital Marketing

Simonetta Lein is a famous Social media entrepreneur, brand ambassador, model, author. This successful Italian American millennial who lives in Philadelphia is enjoying the American dream. Also she is one of the top 100 influencers in the world, as she represents a role model for a lot young people who are interested in trending fashion.

She is Simonetta Lein and her career in digital marketing does not show any signs of slowing down. If you read Forbes and Entrepreneur, you will certainly recognize her as a contributor about entrepreneurship and advocating for women and the millennial generation.

A Case Study On Lein’s Instagram Popularity

Simonetta was able to create a true powerhouse. Experts affirm that her engagement level is one of the best on Instagram. Statistics show that Lein has a recurring visitor rate on par with the top worldwide influencers accounts. She is always able to keep her loyal fans very engaged, as the data suggests from her posts. With over 1.6 million verified followers to date on Instagram, she has become a recognized authority in the digital marketing world.

Marketers notice high conversion rates on brand accounts that she represents, and that is why Simonetta often has companies that choose her multiple times as their ambassador.

Her style has been described as iconic. When high fashion meets inspiration for millions of millennials and beyond, making luxury accessible and empowering generations of women and men about important topics, it is easy to understand why her fans call her their icon and “Shero.”

Simonetta Lein. image c/o Simonetta Lein.
Simonetta Lein. image c/o Simonetta Lein.

In the Company of Millionaires

In just three years, this young lady started from nothing to become a fashion icon. Moreover, she is recognized among the most successful entrepreneurs on YEC, young entrepreneur council worth from $1M up, acknowledged as one of the best millennial entrepreneurs in America. She is the successful CEO and co-founder of Ausonia Partners LLC, a media and public relations agency. Now she is oriented to help others succeed as well, with her 15 years of experience. Learn more on

Simonetta is one of the 100 top influencers in the world, recognized daily by her followers and in the industry as a true fashion and style icon. Her big appearance was as a model for designer Richie Rich at Madison Square Garden in New York. Another big role for her, was as the muse for globally famous photographers Bruno Oliviero and Giovanni Gastel.

Using her influence, she is able to give back to the charity she founded, The Wishwall Foundation, aiming to make the most meaningful and socially impactful wishes come true. Additionally, Simonetta Lein is a TV personality with her own show “The Wishwall” on Amazon Prime. More can be found on

Simonetta Lein is also a fashion designer; her own clothing line is in collaboration with brand Shahida Parides. The line is called “Heart2Heart” and it has been recognized as timeless and empowering, part of the proceeds are donated to The Wishwall Foundation to make meaningful wishes come true. Now, she is working on a new brand development completely on her own.

Raise to the Stars

Lein was born in Pordenone, in the northern part of Italy. For her education, she graduated magna cum laude from the Academy of Fine Art in Rome. Simonetta has also a specialization as a Gestalt counselor and an honorary degree from the Papal and Tiber University in Rome.

Lein started her career as an actress and worked in that field of art for many years, she has also worked in national TV and radio shows as host and entertainer. That experience helped her to be confident during the major interviews her career requires.

When Social Media took over the world, Simonetta took that situation as an opportunity to express herself creatively and to be fully independent. This was a natural consequence of her independent character. Her talent brought her to be chosen as top ambassador for many famous brands.

Moreover, Miss Lein is actively involved in creating interesting campaigns, planning every detail. Simonetta oversees every photo shoot, from the style to the vision, and with the help of her team – Byron Purnell photographer; Mecca Jones Hair Stylist; Elaina Valentine Makeup Artist; James Clark Publicist and the team at Ausonia Partners LLC – she is setting new trends. She is famous for her style that is always classy and edgy at the same time.

Beside Forbes and Entrepreneur, Lein also wrote as top influencer expert and public figure for Vanityfair Italy and the Huffington Post US.

Today Miss Simonetta Lein is one of the biggest Social Media influencers in the fashion industry and recognized as an international top model, her career has the potential to grow stable in the future.

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