Parts of UK To Get First Heat Wave of Summer

Parts of the UK will soon see their first heat wave this year. Although the temperatures are much less than seen in the US last week, for the UK, It is still a heat wave.

Temperatures will climb into the 20s C (70s F) across Wales and much of England while temperatures range from 16-19 C (61-66) in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The hottest temperatures are expected in southeast England with highs of 25-26C (77-79 F).

In Las Vegas, Nevada, last weekend, there were two days of 118 F, and nearby Death Valley saw a record 128 F. See Las Vegas Historical Heat Wave Turns Deadly

Eric Leister, Meteorologist for says “following warmer days on Thursday and Friday, the first heat wave of the summer will build across parts of the United Kingdom this weekend and into early next week.”

It will be great for the outdoors, across southern England and Wales, with plenty of sunshine, for a pleasant warm summer afternoon.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will not be so lucky, as a weak frontal boundary is expected to lead to more clouds and possibly a few showers.

By Sunday, that front is expected to be much weaker as it interacts with strong high pressure, resulting in a few clouds across the region, with some sunny spells. Most areas will be dry, but there may be spotty showers across northern England and higher elevations in Wales.

Temperatures on Sunday be in the 20s C (68-81F) for much of the United Kingdom. Coastal areas will likely remain the coolest with highs close to 20 C (68 F), while parts of southeast England, including London, can climb to 26 or 27 C (79-81F) – AccuWeather

Although rain affected some games at Wimbledon last week, Eric Leister says the heat and dry weather should prevent any delays. Players and and spectators will only need to deal with the heat.

This unseasonable warmth will persist through at least Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as the high pressure over the area continues to build overhead, preventing any storms forming

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