5 Sure Shot Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills This Month

Energy bills constitute a major expense in the home budget. While you may think you can’t cut down on consumption, you can actually save considerably on energy bills by adopting some simple but effective methods. Changing the way you use electrical equipment can reap big benefits. Think about alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power that are greener, and ask your power company if they can reduce your energy bills.

Try these 5 points this month itself and see the difference it brings to your energy consumption and the bills.

Switches and Plugs

Most of us blame appliances for consuming too much energy, whether that be electricity or gas. But we forget the fact that we never bother to switch them off and keep them unplugged when not in use. The mobile charger, for example, will keep consuming power as long as it is plugged onto the power line, irrespective of whether it is hooked to your mobile or even if your mobile is fully charged. This might be a very small correction in the bill for a month. But once you make it a point to switch off and unplug all appliance when they are not in use, you will find a considerable difference in the bill. Remember to power off the lights when there’s natural light available or when stepping out of the room.

Timely Maintenance or Replacement

Just as your car becomes more fuel efficient when it is well-maintained and serviced on time, your appliances will also be more energy efficient if they are kept well-serviced. You should replace very old appliances with newer, more energy-efficient ones that are easily available in the market. Even though it involves some investment, you will eventually recover the money invested from the reduced energy bills and better-performing appliances. If your old water heater took half an hour to heat up, most newer units consume much less energy and some heat up instantly, and only when needed. According to various surveys, more than 40% of residential power consumption goes for temperature control. You can reduce the need for heating and cooling by making sure that all your ducts are leak-proof and by draught-proofing your doors and windows.

Replace old appliances.
Replace old appliances.

Choose the Right Plans

Surprisingly, choosing the right power plans can also save you money spent on energy bills. So check your average usage and choose the best plan from those offered by various energy providers in your area. Some service providers, such as Trust Power in New Zealand even offer combo plans for energy based usage since some people depend on gas for cooking and temperature control and others use electricity.

Think Alternative Sources

Green energy sources such as solar and wind power are increasingly being used in many households across the world. People understand the need for energy conservation and greener sources of electricity that can make them self-sufficient as well as staying eco-friendly. Thanks to the latest technology, they are feasible solutions which can be easily installed and operated at homes now. Geothermal energy is another upcoming solution of alternative energy sources for homes. Using a solar powered water heater can make a huge difference to your energy bills since water heaters consume a lot of power. Using alternative sources of renewable energy will make you self-sufficient as far as power is concerned and will reduce your energy bills too.

Make the Most of Nature

There’s nothing as good as what you can get from nature. If you are constructing a new house or planning for renovations, consider the ways you can utilize natural sunlight and cross ventilation. Using lighter color paint inside the house can also lessen your requirement for additional lights. Installing windows that can open will let fresh air inside the house. If you are concerned about insects, you can install mesh screens on the windows that open, to keep the insects away. Even wasting water can cost you some energy. So use your natural resources wisely so that they will last the next generation and much more to come. This saves you not only on your energy bills but also keeps you closer to nature.