Matricula Consular a Perfect Breeder Document for Establishing a False Identity?

I was just sent the news report that was posted online recently by the ABC-affiliated station in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, WTVD.

“Testimony of Steve McCraw, Assistant Director of The Office of Intelligence, FBI”

The news report discusses the debate now being conducted by the Durham City Council as to whether or not to allow the Matricula Consular cards issued by the government of Mexico to be used as an acceptable form of identification by apparent illegal aliens in that city.

Those who would approve such an insane proposal obviously do not care one iota about the need for our nation to secure its borders or discourage potential illegal aliens from seeking to enter our country. Clearly the acceptance of Matricula Consular cards could only have one purpose- to provide illegal aliens with the ability to conduct routine business in their city and, consequently, in our country.

It would appear that those who favor this proposal do not care if criminals or terrorists seize this opportunity to create new identities for themselves as an “embedding” tactic as described by the 9/11 Commission.

I want you to take the time to read the item I have also attached below. It is the testimony a gentleman by the name of Steven McCraw provided to a Congressional hearing on the issue of Matricula Consular cards. At the time of his testimony, back on June 26, 2003, he was the Assistant Director for the Office of Intelligence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). After you read his testimony you should ask yourself, “How dare our government officials *on any level*, permit these cards to be used anywhere in the United States!”

Consider this sentence from Mr. McCraw’s testimony:

The U.S. Government has done an extensive amount of research on the Matricula Consular, to assess its viability as a reliable means of identification. The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card holder. The following are the primary problems with the Matricula Consular that allow criminals to fraudulently obtain the cards: Now I would like you to consider this passage from Mr. McCraw’s testimony:

The first criminal threat stems from the fact that the Matricula Consular can be a perfect breeder document for establishing a false identity. It is our understanding that as many as 13 states currently accept the Matricula Consular for the purpose of obtaining a drivers’ license. Once in possession of a driver’s license, a criminal is well on his way to using the false identity to facilitate a variety of crimes, from money laundering to check fraud. And of course, the false identity serves to conceal a criminal who is already being sought by law enforcement.

Individuals have been arrested with multiple Matricula Consular cards in their possession, each with the same photograph, but with a different name. Matching these false Matriculas are false driver’s licenses, also found in the criminals’ possession. Such false identities are particularly useful to facilitate the crime of money laundering, as the criminal is able to establish one or more bank accounts under completely fictitious names. Accounts based upon such fraudulent premises greatly hamper money-laundering investigations once the criminal activity is discovered.

As the Subcommittee is well aware, the FBI is particularly concerned about fraudulent financial transactions in the post 9/11 environment, given the fact that foreign terrorists often rely on money transferred from within the United States.* There are other substantive reasons why the acceptance of Matricula Consular cards imperil the safety of our citizens and the security of our nation. This is why I urge you to read all of the testimony I have provided below.

Also of extreme importance is the simple and undeniable fact- Matricula cards provide evidence of an alien being illegally present in the United States. Aliens who are lawfully present do not need these documents. Aliens who lawful immigrants are issued so-called “Green Cards” obviating the need to seek documents such as the Matricula Consular. Special agents of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) could make a case for arresting any alien who proffers a Matricula card on the basis that the card constitutes evidence of his illegal status in our country! (Of course we know that this will not happen because the administration and such “leaders” in the United States Congress such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer don’t want to arrest any illegal aliens- they want to confer United States citizenship upon them. Of course in their twisted version of “reality” they would then claim that there are no illegal aliens in the United States, they would all be United States citizens!

Government officials who attempt to blur the distinction between aliens who are lawfully admitted and aliens whose presence constitute a violation of our nation’s immigration laws, and often other criminal statutes, could be accused of aiding, abetting, encouraging aliens to violate our nation’s borders and remain in the United States thereafter, illegally. Under Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1324 this sort of effort constitutes a felony!

Here is the link that that section of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA):

Here is the portion of that statute that deals specifically with this issue:

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