Arizona Doing Good But Clash With ACLU Clash Over Illegals

Joe For President

Most of us remember Mr. Mean, or so some have said of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, accused of painting prisoners jail walls pink and humiliating them by forcing those self-described macho men to wear pink undies.

Before getting to the way Maricopa is going to the dogs and cats, let’s clear up prisoner abuse accusations. What ‘pink’ reality there is came about as a result of prisoners taking and/or wearing costly jail clothes out of the facelift (facility) when released.

To avoid the constant burden of theft borne by Maricopa taxpayers, Joe has basic jail garments dyed pink so they can be easily identified, thus recovered when prisoners leave the lockup.

Then there’s the pink walls horror those manly criminal men are reported to have suffered. Reality check, no pink walls. What Sheriff Joe did after 9-11 was have a small American flag painted in each cell.

Granted he had to have been aware it might set the La Ruza (La Raza) crowd’s teeth on edge, who would much have preferred a Mexican flag there.

It is doubtful Sheriff Joe was sympathetic to their pain of living near an image of an American flag while eating American provided food, sleeping in American provided beds, after breaking into America with no concern for committing crimes against America.

Part of Sheriff Joe’s job requires knowledge of, and often interaction with victims. Sometimes those victims have suffered Animal Cruelty. To care for them, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has established a MASH unit (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Safe Haven).

Currently it is home to 130 dogs who are not, as the Internet rumors say, walked through the streets by prisoner trustees, twice every day.

The M.A.S.H. unit has only 11 officers, so there are no walks just for the sake of a walk, but there is other walking.

The County attorney’s office partnered with the pet unit. On their lunch hours, when outside temperatures allow, County Attorney Office Volunteers go over to walk adoptable dogs through downtown Phoenix streets. Each pet wears a cute little apron, carries a small bag with necessities like a brush or pooper scooper, plus the pet’s own business card with age, bio, info on the pet’s background plus a request, “Help Sheriff Joe Get Me Adopted.”

When it’s too hot, volunteers spend time playing with pets in their roof top artificial grass covered dog park, built where the basketball court used to be. Converted for creature comfort rather then criminal recreation, the area is sheltered over the top by camouflage netting.

There is a cooling sprinkler system for dogs. So when it’s too hot to be walking along city streets, pets spend time playing on the cooling roof.

How is this supported? For medical needs, there is a discount Vet service. Tax Payer save money by helping with fund raisers, so abused or abandoned pets cost the public very little.

The circle with a slash says “illegal” in it. Yes, Sheriff Joe is in trouble once more with the ACLU, is anybody surprised? He painted all his prisoner buses and transformation vehicles with a mural, that displays a specially painted telephone hotline number where you can call to report suspected illegal aliens.

As for the last canard crossing the popular news media and Internet, part reality, part fabrication. Immigration and Customs Enforcement haven’t been minding the store, or the border, or the safety of citizens who pay them.

The ever-creative Joe had 40 deputies trained specifically to enforce immigration laws. On prisoner transportation buses, Joe has had painted the common circle with the slash through it representing “Illegals” plus a hot line phone number.

This is seen as a safety feature for the citizenry. One public safety member told me privately she is glad to be able to watch for her neighbor’s homes being kept dark, devoid of lights, which often happens when Coyotes take over a house to harbor illegals from discovery. The woman said it is comforting to know she can report illegal activity with ruthless illegal alien-mules or drug deals coming after anyone to turns them in.

Joe’s efforts to protect the vulnerable innocent among us is in no way rewarding to the ACLU who are so totally against it.

I’ve heard, although not verfied, that Sheriff Joe was assigned 4 new buses to haul illegals to where they can be ejected back across the border.

AS for ACLU’s angst, he might relieve it, and ours if he took them across the border too.