United States Radiation Levels Monitored By a Website

On the home page of the Radiation Network, a National Radiation Map shows environmental radiation levels across the United States. It’s updated in real time, every minute.

The website asserts to be the first where “the average citizen or anyone in the world can see what radiation levels are anywhere in the United States at any time.”

The map shows nine monitoring stations currently functioning. It displays their locations too: Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado and Indiana with two additional stations on the East Coast.

Mineralab, LLC, operates the website from Prescott, Arizona, but warns that it’s unable to independently verify that the radiation levels or any radiation alerts that are displayed on the Radiation Map as being correct/valid.

Monitoring stations are operated by grass-roots volunteers. Geiger counter malfunctions or proximity of counters to certain medical procedures/radioactive items can cause high readings to occur.

The public is invited. You’ll need a digital Geiger counter, Software available from Radiation Network, a computer with Windows operating system and direct internet access.

Active participants receive the benefit of a map that is fully interactive with zoom capabilities, descriptions of nuclear sites and monitoring stations. The additional map layers include counties, airports, roads, railroads, lakes and rivers. People get the capability to download city streets for their home county. The software entitles the user to participate in the network’s own chat forum.