NJ Opening Day Bear Hunt! Voice Your Opinion!

New Jersey’s bear hunting program met with mixed reviews and anger. According to NJ DEP there are over 3,500 bear running around the northern half of the garden state.

NJ issued 6,500 permits to hunters who flocked here from around the country. The DEP reported 200 kills on the first day. The reported first bear killed during the hunting season was by Arizona native Robert Melber who states this is his first kill ever, a 166-pound female.

Officials claim a bear hunt is needed to reduce the overcrowded population of bear.”At this point, hunting is the only way to control the population,” Jim Sciasdia, a spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Fish and Wildlife Division, told the Ledger.


“NJ also needs to reduce the overcrowding of the state’s 9 million residents too” oops that was me who said that.

“It is sad, especially when there is no need for a hunt,” one activist, Susan Kehoe, told FOX News. “It is just a trophy hunt. It is not about bear population, it is not about safety, it is a trophy hunt. They are not dangerous.”

Helen Egan 83, “I have loved wildlife all my life, we should be encouraging our wonderful wildlife, not destroying it. We should be proud of it, not killing it.”

In August of this year two boys were attacked in NJ, while camping in the woods. Yes they were in the woods the bear didn’t come into their house or yard. Neither boy was killed. Black bear attacks are very rare. More are hit by cars in NJ.

When you buy a house in Bear country wouldn’t you expect to have a bear enter your back yard once in a while?

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