Green Toys For Children Are Hot Green Gadgets

Learning about the environment

Teaching our children about the environment is so important, which I already wrote, in the article All Children Should be Environmental.

In February this year, a green gadget event was held where some of the top green gadgets were discussed and showcased. I picked the ones that focused on children and the ones that are teaching them about the environment and energy use at the same time. As I browsed through the listing I fell in love with all of the gadgets that were mentioned, and it was so hard to only choose a few to write about.

The Power Hog

power hog

Created to teach children about energy use and power, this little Power Hog looks like fun as well as being informative. You plug in the TV or electrical toy they want to use, and then drop money into the power hog to have it run. It teaches children about the importance of being efficient in our energy consumption. It is made out of recycled PET, which makes it even more energy efficient and green. I have not located where to purchase them yet, when I do, I will let you know. For more information on the Power Hog you can view full photographs on the site listed under resources and pictures.



Each Fastronaut must be placed inside a bike to power the toy. It is a rechargeable battery, charged with power made from the bike pedaling. You can make the Fastronaut speak by pressing a small button.

These toys are powered by playing with them, and they teach children about energy use and consumption. I have not found any sites actually selling these yet, but when I do I will write up another article of where and how to get them when they are on the market.

This Fastronaut must be used with a bike, so it encourages children to play outside and get exercise at the same time. Just make sure they wear helmets and proper protective gear.

These are two great green gadgets and inventions for children to learn about power and energy use and conserving. Hope to see them on the market to purchase soon.

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