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Now all I know is what I read on the Internet, and yesterday I see THAT (Nobel peace prize recipient) Al Gore was in Switzerland. He was receiving his award for his work with global warming. It is a very honored title to have; some of the folks that have received it in the past are Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Henry Kissinger. And nominees like Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, I only counted five women out of about 100 winners, kind of a boy’s club thing you know. It s like being knighted, Sir, STING, or Sir Bono it is an earned title. But Mr. Gore can finally get rid of that title us Americans gave him a while back, the one that weighs him down you know Vice President. The only title left for him to get that carries prestridge, fame, and fortune, and is a sign of our American way of life is: American Idol.

So, today and a handful of other days I suspect he will be gloating in this award recognition, hopefully not too long, we need him to get back to work. Wasting of time is a natural by product of fame. You get folks to recognize your talents, and then you spend most of your career resting on your laurels. Strike while the iron is hot, Mr. Gore.

However, while he is resting and building up his natural energy to get back out there and make corporate America accountable for their waste. I would like to sneak in a small thought. Let’s call it a secret, shall we? But this secret is best passed on. And hopefully when it hits the masses it will have the same message at the end. So, earlier in my writings, I spent some time shedding a little light on something I call Personal Environmental Irresponsibility, or better know as Litter. Only you can’t call it by simple name. That would be to easily misunderstood, plus you have to have a marketable name, all; the one-word names are saved for soft drinks and energy drinks, you know, Jolt, Rockstar, Cocaine simple and easy to grab your mind when you are half-alert. Causes are different; they need to have phrases that make you feel like you are really working for the most important – to save the world. Say,I came up with PEI, see that naming with initials thing does not work either, it makes it sound like something that drug companies can latch on too, PEI Personal Environmental Irresponsibility.

No pill will help this sickness. It is running ramped in our world. It is something that we see everyday and every night, round the clock and ongoing. It is a disease that a GREAT portion of the world is sick from and it is the reason … I believe we are truly facing global warming. The way to an epidemic is started with one small virus that takes over, weather you know it or not, and it can only be stopped when we realize we are sick or have an epidemic on our hands. The same holds true for the hands of global warming. Litter is the virus and a Large-scale blow out of this disease brought us global warming.

Personal Environmental Irresponsibility LITTER has taken a VERY BACK seat to Al’s global warming. His message has certainly had nothing but a great effect and has spearheaded a movement in the right direction. But, it leaves out the very simple task of making everyone accountable for there actions-littering. Folks say, how can I help, it’s the big boys that have made this planet a muck, they marketed me, my life, my car, my supplies at work, the very products that surround me, what can I do?

Granted we try what we can but while we try in mind our bodies still LITTER. Now stop and ask yourselves, do I litter, paper, cigarette butts, (75% of the litter every year is cigarette butts). I would not want to litter in my new car ashtray that is what the streets are for. That is what someone told me one day when I asked them why they dumped their butts on the ground. People are paid to pick up our trash. People are paid to kill people, does that make it right? I have even had folks tell me “it’s a whole movie thing” when you are smoking and it comes to the end of your cigarette and you toss it with a sense of disregard, Kind of James Dean-ish. Thank you, Hollywood for that programming our world.

As an ensemble, I just think that if you lie and it becomes second nature some day before you know it you will have a Library. The same goes for Personal Environmental Irresponsibility – LITTER, if you litter and just don’t care, how can you parade on the streets to save Mother Nature. You can’t say no to drugs if you sell them in the first place. We can’t point the finger with one hand and litter with the other. That is called a hypocrite and that is an art best left for the politicians. I think it is time to start simple, every person, one person at a time STOP littering, don’t police others, I used to think that was the key to make folks aware of what they are doing, but that only makes folks mad and want to do it more.

Live by example, but first set the example. Ok, here is the secret we are passing on: Don’t trash our land throw it in a can. I like that, PLEASE pass it on, and if you can’t, just keep saying it to yourself, over and over again. I bet will not only see a major different in the land we live on and the air we breathe but also we will see better attitudes in our people. Then maybe the big boys will feel the pressure to create better ways to create and get rid of their waste.

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Will Roberts is a Guinness World Record holder for Cowboy six gun, a weapons expert and professional actor. He is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America’s cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. Will is a syndicated political cartoonist and was the trick-roping cowboy at Cirque du Soleil.

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