UFO Sightings Hit Headlines in Mainstream Media

Whilst most Ufologists would like to see more UFO sightings getting a mention in the mainstream media, there is always some concern on how the reports are presented. In the past, TV stations and Newspapers have never been able to resist smiling or making some joke when providing the information.

The reason for the mainstream media taking an interest today is the result of 24 files being released by the MOD, containing some 6,000 pages of documentation covering UFO reports for the period 1994-2000.

Triangle UFO

One article (by The Guardian) discussed a sighting that occurred in March 1997 which appeared in Kent. It just so happens that the former home secretary, Michael Howard, lives in that area. However, even though Howard did not report the sighting (and probably didn’t see it either), most of the article attempted to make a connection between the two.

It was probably not surprising that the comments posted in response to their article also made reference to Michael Howard, and contained the usual dose of UFO jokes (that we have all heard a thousand times before!)

The Sun, who you would expect to mock the sightings the most, was reasonably restrained in their article. Although they did manage to find a report that mentioned a UFO shaped like a giant “Toblerone” and entitled their article “The Scottish X-Files” Had there been any “abductions” which included sexual experiments listed in the released MOD files, you can bet the headline would have been very different!

According to the article in The Sun, “more than 3,000 of the extra-terrestrial experiences centred on the town of Bonnybridge in Stirlingshire” A councillor there, William Buchanan, was so concerned that he has written to Tony Blair, John Major and defence chiefs, asking them to “launch an immediate investigation”

As you would expect he was ridiculed for his attempt and told by the MOD that “there were no grounds to investigate.”

It seems strange that the authorities spend a huge amount of time and money watching and arresting potential “terrorists” (who are usually released some time later), yet refuse to investigate any of the many thousands of UFO sightings that are made.

Although some of the reports released by the MOD are interesting, you have to question why they have been kept secret for so long and wonder if they have held back any that might be more revealing.

The MOD has stated that “to date we have seen nothing which could be classed as proof that extraterrestrial life exists.” Perhaps, if they took the trouble to investigate some of them, they might obtain proof? But maybe they do and are not telling us?

The mainstream media could also make more effort in this area, as they would any other story, but they seem to find it easier to make fun of such reports.

I always find it strange that the MSM seem to automatically assume that all UFO sightings are witnessed by cranks, what makes them so certain this is the case? It’s true that many sightings can be put down to Chinese lanterns, satellites, planes, fireworks and even the planet Venus, but you can’t dismiss all of them in this way.

Sadly, this attitude affects public opinion, because the public are easily led by the comments made by the media (not just about UFO’s). Perhaps the public should ask themselves why the authorities and the media are so determined to make us believe that UFO’s and Aliens do not exist? If we consider the size of the Universe and the incredible number of planets that it contains, is it likely that we are alone?

I recently attended an excellent lecture given by Alan Foster (arranged by BUFOG) and was very encouraged with the questions raised at the meeting. Despite what some may think, the people who attended were perfectly normal (no tin foil hats!) and the subject of UFO’s and Crop formations was discussed in a very professional manner. If you live in the Birmingham (UK) area, I would certainly recommend attending one of their future meetings.

Obtaining proof that UFO’s and Aliens exist will never be easy, especially when the authorities keep the reports secret, or just ignore them. However, there will come a time when the truth can no longer be hidden and some of us are ready for that moment. Even those who are resisting that possibility will have to accept that fact, sooner or later.

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