Signs of An Amazing Time

With so many difficulties in our world today, I am trying to glean any insight I can from current events-spiritual insight that is, of the kind that can anchor you when the world seems it’s maddest, and send you forward on the right path when logic says you’re lost and “you can’t get there from here!”

The astrologers are saying now’s the time for such insight, if you want to change the world for the better, and your life along with it.

Indeed, I believe the real key to why astrology works (or tarot, or numerology, Kabbalah, I Ching, feng shui, psychology, charismatic teachers and preachers, TV “experts,” etc. ad infinitum) is that it piggybacks on top of spiritual insight-those inner nudges, or tiny clues from life around us, that seem to mirror larger events, or currents, in our own lives. We aren’t usually sensitive to them, unless we’re in the middle of an emotional crisis, such as the death of a loved one; then a flower blooming unexpectedly, or a rare bird appearing, takes on much greater meaning.

I am sure most of my readers understand-what was the word? Oh yes, “it’s a sign!” That’s what I’m talking about (I had to have a spiritual insight-along with a flashback to “Sleepless in Seattle”-just to remember the word). Some of the world’s difficulties mirror my own just now, as I try to communicate the rarest of birds-a history-making revolution in human knowledge-to a skeptical and distracted, over-entertained world.

So what are the signs telling us today? Well, the Iranian people are waging a life-and-death stand against their corrupt rulers, and would dearly love the emotional support of the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, I am trying to tell the world of a great design of the Earth and solar system that motivated all the ancient mysteries, the discovery and verification of which has made me most sensitive to the widespread corruption and incompetence in our own modern science, and I am as vulnerable before the establishment and its erstwhile, brainwashed defenders as those Iranian people who are calling for change. Today, if you’re not vulnerable and openly calling for change, you are sitting on what you have and not wanting to rock the boat, which makes it a poignant time to be vulnerable, here as much as in Iran.

Now maybe I’m not right about these signs-that not enough people even care about great changes happening in the world, much less can think straight about them-but there are other signs that I am. If I could see a lot of people getting upset and recalcitrant-rather than taking a “business as usual” attitude-toward unfair repression, greed and corruption in our own part of the world, I would see that as a positive sign.

But “business as usual” it is now, particularly in the stock market, which after being scared witless for a while, is now doing the same old money-scrounging, and -moving and -shaking, without creating anything, that it did before. Did anybody there learn anything at all from the trillions of dollars of savings lost? I don’t see it; “just ignore the latest round of losers, and let’s get right back to playing the system for profit and power.”

Are we learning anything at all from Iran, then? I don’t see that either. And it’s not so much about “learning” something from these things as it is first and foremost having a decent, abiding reaction to the outrages-demonstrating that you are even capable of learning.

You learn from your own reaction, in these matters, and from the reactions of those in authority. Something along the lines of “don’t let those tyrants get away with that!” or “don’t let that happen here!” or “I didn’t know that, it’s amazing, and science just ignores it!”

Pay attention to the unfolding news, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. History is being made on all fronts, and mankind is too divided and dazzled by easy dogmas to think straight, and find lasting peace.