Scientists Say CO2 Not Responsible for Global Warming

Someone Say “Closed System?”

One can only wonder how global warming predictors can live with what they say. We all know the earth is essentially a closed-system to the rest of the solar system. But the climate-movers scream [CO2] production is causing all the ruckus.

But where is all this [CO2] coming from? Has one of our solar system planets come and dropped off a few billion tons of [CO2] somewhere? What about a rogue asteroid? No discernible [CO2] has been detected with any comet, asteroid, or extraterrestrial material that’s ever collided with earth.

So all the [CO2] ever produced on earth has to be generated by the combination of 1 molecule of carbon, and two molecules of oxygen.

From Dawn Of History [CO2] Falling

But if one looks at the long-time existence of [CO2] in the atmosphere, for eons it’s been falling. If you check every graph of [CO2] concentration during at least the last 20-30 eons, the trend is unmistakable. It almost seems as if [CO2] will eventually disappear. Not so, because of the inherent ‘closed-system’. More petroleum will be found in the earth’s crust. More [CO2] will be produced.

A wonderful depiction of [CO2] concentrations over the eons in Climate Change Catastrophes in Critical Thinking by Timothy Casey B.Sc. (Hons.), Consulting Geologist, shows how most [CO2] is converting into complex carbohydrates.

To this end, Timothy Casey (Consulting Geologist), has compiled a comparative record of cosmic radiation, mean global temperature, atmospheric carbon dioxide, atmospheric oxygen, extinction rates, and variations in mean sea level, in this compilation.

But even with the huge generation of [CO2], and burning of fossil fuels, [CO2] is always consumed in the action of photosynthesis. This is the complex process by which [CO2], [H2O], and inorganic salts are converted into carbohydrates by green plants, algae, and bacteria, using energy from the sun and chlorophyll. Obviously, the sun is highly involved with eliminating [CO2], along with the 60 other continuously running climate cycles.

NASA Backtracking Now?

In one of those climate cycles, NASA admits the Antarctic ice mass gains have exceeded all ice mass losses here. Suddenly, It seems NASA has finally seen the light, and is starting to back off their ‘AGW’ stance. In the Southern Hemisphere, when autumn is well underway, sea ice extent is growing rapidly. Antarctic sea ice extent for 2014 reached 3.47 million square miles, the largest ice extent on record by a significant margin. This exceeds the past record for the satellite era by 124,000 square miles, set in 2008.

Remember when Al Gore repeatedly said, “the Arctic will be ice free by 2013.” He claimed this for years. Never happened. In fact, the Arctic ice cap’s surface area increased by more than 25% in 2013. The much-larger Antarctic ice cap increased by 5% using NASA data, which was forced to admit the Antarctic ice sheet is now at its largest since it started regular satellite monitoring in 1979. NO satellites provided measurements before 1979.

It is important to know the difference between “sea ice,” and “continental ice.” Sea ice is associated with polar ice caps, glaciers, ice shelves and icebergs. Continental ice is formed by snow deposition, resulting in ice hundreds and thousands of meters thick, storing and releasing freshwater influencing global sea-level for thousands of years. Sea ice, though equally important to the climate system, is completely different. It’s a layer (1-2m) of ice forming on the ocean when sufficiently cooled enough by the atmosphere.

Ice accumulation and degradation comes at the whim of all of the major 60 climate cycles. All of these cycles are directly controlled by the earth’s tilt, orbit eccentricity, and proximity to the sun. [CO2] content has no influence whatsoever, and even though its atmospheric [ppm] content has been increasing slightly, overall temps have been decreasing.

Rigging Of Data A Crime

People finally realized the data generated by computer models to justify the ‘AGW’ claim was rigged. While ‘warmists’ pushed hysteria with [CO2] levels allegedly supposed to raise temperatures dramatically, Nature decided otherwise. For over a decade, the magnetic field triggering sunspots has been declining, and with it, Earth’s overall temperature.

Scientist Robert W. Felix believes we are on the cusp of the next Ice Age. “This is not the calm before the storm,” says Felix. “This is the storm.” In a New Scientist column by Stuart Clark, he asks why and where the sunspots have gone. Noting they ebb and flow in cycles lasting eleven years, Stuart responded, “But for the last two years, the sunspots have mostly been missing.”

Here Comes ‘The Ice Age’

Many solar scientists and others, have warned the Earth on the brink of a new Ice Age at worst, a mini-ice age at best.

However, the earth’s Industrial Revolution went global after 1945 – releasing the first big pulse of [CO2] emissions.

Theoretically, that burst of [CO2] should have skyrocketed the earth’s temperatures. Instead, the earth’s temperature declined from 1940-75.

The Shattered Greenhouse – How Physics Demolishes the … Greenhouse Effect, totally obliterates any ‘AGW’. Authored by Timothy Casey B.Sc. (Hons.), Consulting Geologist, this article explores the “Greenhouse Effect” in the frame of physics, finding an apparent lack of clear thermodynamic definition. The read is mind-bending.

Scientists have warned for decades about nearing the end of the 11,500-year period between ice ages. And the last similar crash in sunspot activity coincided with the so-called “Little Ice Age” in the 1600s which lasted nearly a century. And it’s been approximately 11,500 years since the Little Ice Age.

Go Figure…