Latest UFO Sighting in Arizona Similar to Phoenix Lights

It is quite rare for UFO sightings to be reported on the mainstream media, especially CNN, but this one managed to obtain a few minutes of airtime.

Brad Denning’s son received a call from his friend to look up into the sky, because there were some strange lights to be seen. Brad Denning rushed into his home to get his camera and started to record the event (he then contacted CNN)

Apparently, the four lights were in a line to begin with, but later changed formation. However, they remained in one area.

Denning mentioned that a plane flew near the lights, but estimated the plane was around 30,000-40,000 feet below the actual lights. He also said that the lights were not flares.

4 ufos

Those who follow reports on UFO’s may remember that a previous (and well known) sighting over Phoenix in 1997 was explained as flares, even though the sighting lasted quite a long time.

According to Denning’s report, there was no noise and eventually, one by one, the lights would blink and move away, with the last one remaining for about four minutes.

In the CNN video the lights seemed to glow red occasionally, just as they did in the Phoenix sighting 12 years earlier.

The military said that they had no craft in that area at the time, but have not contacted Mr. Denning for further information.

You would think that such a sighting might have been of interest to the authorities, seeing as it was not one of their craft in the sky.

Some have even questioned why CNN should show such an interest in a UFO sighting, as this is not something they usually do.

The similarities between this latest sighting and the Phoenix Lights in 1997 are close enough to speculate that they might both have been created by the same phenomenon. Whether they were Alien or man-made craft is difficult to say, but they did move in a controlled manner.

If they are secret military craft, why put on such a display? We could also question why aliens would want to make such a mysterious appearance.

In the photos below you can compare the recent UFO sighting to the one over Phoenix in 1997. Whoever is responsible for this light display wanted to be seen, but without revealing too much detail and to keep us guessing.

The lack of interest by the military is sure to lend support to the theory of a cover up and this particular sighting may well be an earthly attempt to promote the possibility of an alien visit, hence the MSM interest in making it public.

As a rule, UFO sightings are ridiculed by the media, which gives the impression that they (or someone much higher) would rather have the public think that they do not exist. I find it hard to believe that the media are changing their views on this subject and must assume that there is some other purpose behind the story.

The role of the leading news suppliers is to manipulate public opinion (usually on political events, but other subjects are also included). With this thought in mind, it is perhaps safer to look at their information as the opposite of the truth?

For those of us who practice “logical thinking,” we can be certain that life exists on other planets in our universe. It is possible that aliens already play an important part in our lives (in ways that we cannot possibly imagine yet), but we will have to wait a little longer before those facts are revealed to us.

In the meantime we will have to judge for ourselves which sightings are the real thing, and which are designed to trick us. Someone (or something) is playing games with us, but we can only guess the purpose or reason behind them.