Louie Anderson and John O’Hurley Support Animal Foundation

The sixth annual Animal Foundation’s Best in Show was a tremendous success. The show featured over 60 strays that were auctioned to loving homes, along with a silent auction of donated items for a fundraiser.

The event was held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino Arena on Sun., June 1, and hosted by Robin Leach, who introduced supporters Louie Anderson, the guest performer, and John O’Hurley, emcee.

In an exclusive interview with CSN, Anderson shared his insights with me on the importance of the event and the mutual benefit of humans interacting with and learning from animals.

Louie Anderson.
Louie Anderson (Photo by Dave Phillips)

“Anything can stop you in your tracks. The most important thing is to survive things, like these dogs do at the Best in Show. This is similar to the way a lot of people grow up: They are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. The difference is that people can do a little better under the right circumstances, but these animals are really at the mercy [of their plight]. The most important thing about life, I think, can be learned from these animals and the way people treat them; that we could all …take better care of each other, the animals and the environment we live in.”

According to Anderson, people are more aware of how they treat their animals today. There are individuals with special needs who are aided by animals, and there is some healing going on between the animal and the individual, especially with the elderly. What it all boils down to is responsibility when you care for an animal.

“With the world the way it is today, Anderson concludes, “We’ve been through some rough

John OHurley
John O’Hurley (Photo by Dave Phillips)

times, especially recently. I think what people are really needing to focus on is that we have enough disasters going on. I think we have to stop creating disasters by force and some of our own means. I think we should focus on what we can do for others. It really starts here, with the animals. It starts in your neighborhood; what you can do for the homeless; it starts in your church and all those places. You know, I think people are actually coming together. I feel that this year will be a great year. I see hopefulness with the new election and the new year. I hope things will move forward where people are happier, healthier, and dogs and cats have less homelessness.”

The Animal Foundation is located on North Mojave Road in Las Vegas, Nev. For more information, to donate or for animal adoption, call (702) 384-3333, or go online to www.liedanimalshelter.org.

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