Celebrities Endorse PharmaCom BioVet: New Hope in Cancer Treatment for Animals

I was really moved to learn more recently when I talked with several people who experienced the loss of their animals to cancer. I have always thought about cancers common in humans.

In fact, I am a prostate cancer awareness advocate and had to deal with it personally, but through early, preventative treatment, things are fine.

When I got a news release from an associate about a company working on cancer treatments and devices to help our animals, it really got my attention.

I found out more, so I spoke with the company’s representatives. I found their answers to my written questions when I interviewed them to be touching.

I hope you are inspired to find out more.

Kevin Sorbo is among the celebrities I spoke with about work to aid animals with cancer.

I was so inspired that I spoke with celebrities at Sundance on my visit last month, and many of them felt the same way.

Actor Oba Babatunde (Haitian Nights) wants to see more help for animals with cancer.

Well-known animal lovers and celebrities who heard about the great work of PharmaCom BioVet have started to endorse the company.

Kevin Sorbo, Oba Babatunde and other celebrity endorsements are available at www.youtube.com/pharmacombiovet.

When I was looking on the company’s website, I found links to some great resources and organizations that deal with this issue.


One of them I learned about is the Morris Animal Foundation. It is the world’s largest nonprofit foundation 501(c)(3) dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals.

Also, there is great work going on at the National Canine Cancer Foundation (www.wearethecure.org).


Let me share parts of the news release and the PharmaCom BioVet founders’ stories:

The recently established PharmaCom BioVet Inc. is moving fast to open the nation’s first branded Veterinary Oncology Treatment Centers dedicated for the care of animals and has continued to expand, giving hope to dog lovers dealing with the many forms of canine cancer.

Millions of Americans count their beloved dogs among their family members. Love for four-legged, family companions runs deep, as does the stress when animals face serious illnesses.

The loss of a beloved family member is tragic, but it served as motivation to the Bertholds after losing three Siberian Huskies to cancer.

A diagnosis of cancer causes fear and even deeper worry for most families, and the anguish of enduring a pet’s suffering and loss of the animal is tragic.

How does the family dog get treated for cancer, and how effective are any of the available treatments?

Questions about the animals comfort, quality of life and prognosis for longevity are uppermost.

Recent strides in diagnostics, surgical techniques, cancer-targeting drugs, as well as radiation therapy and alternative treatments have made for more successful detection and remedies for companion dogs.

Under the management of Steve A. York, Vice President Operations and Marketing and Gary S. Berthold, President and Chief Executive Officer, PharmaCom BioVet Inc. has licensed a series of proprietary devices and compounds that will enable animals suffering from cancer to have a greater life expectancy and decreased pain.

They plan treatment centers across the U.S., starting with its flagship Missouri center.

Co-founder and management team member, Sharon Berthold, Executive Vice President of PharmaCom BioVet, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PHMB), stated: “Plans are underway to build and fully staff PharmaCom BioVet’s first treatment center with some of the nation’s top veterinary oncologists. The company also plans to collaborate with partner firms, which are also located at Monsanto Place [in St. Louis County, Mo.], to offer specialized care for companion animals suffering from all forms of cancer.”

The foundation of PharmaCom BioVet rests on the heartfelt loss experienced by Gary and Sharon Berthold:

“We lost three of our Siberian Huskies, who were our close family members, to cancer,” Gary Berthold said, adding that he and his wife tried to find treatments other than “30-year-old chemotherapy.”

When no readily available or practical solutions were found, the Bertholds vowed: “We would spend the rest of our lives for the sake of our living dogs – in addition to all other dogs – attempting to find better, improved cancer treatments.”

The couple was encouraged because there were some promising, state-of-the-art alternatives under development, but stated knowingly, “Somebody has to get the ball rolling.”

So they founded their company to conduct the necessary research, development and testing in order to bring canine cancer treatment devices and formulas to market.

“We will begin treating companion animals that have cancer, specifically canines at this time, and then plan to treat felines in the future,” Gary Berthold stated.


PharmaCom BioVet Inc. has announced its collaborative relationships with two other companies: IsoTherapeutics Group LLC and PetScreen Ltd. to, respectively, (1) explore new breakthroughs in direct injection liquid brachytherapy therapeutic radioisotope procedures into cancerous tumors and (2) provide blood testing screening for lymphoma to achieve better diagnosis and monitoring of companion animals with that form of cancer.

The Berthold’s and Steve York’s collective decades of experience and education in business, veterinary sciences, biology, animal care, marketing, construction and business management make them a formidable team capable of bringing their plans to fruition.

Visit their website at www.pharmacombiovet.com to find out why they are truly “a union of compassion and technology.”