Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Endangers Auggie in Italy

The unconstitutional vaccine mandate of the Biden administration is destroying American businesses and putting the lives of millions of workers in jeopardy. The latest victim of Biden’s vaccine mandate could be an English bulldog in Italy.

Vaccine Mandate Hurts Mom and Auggie

Meet Auggie, the sweet and loving English bulldog rescued from an abusive home in Italy by a U.S. Navy officer stationed there. Life was going great for Auggie with her new caring and loving family until Biden’s vaccine mandates were adopted by the military. Auggie’s mom, a patriotic American who gave 12 precious years of her life serving in the military, said no to the COVID vaccination requirement. Her refusal to take the shot comes with consequences – loss of job, possible dishonorable discharge from her service that comes with the loss of pension and/or benefits.

Auggie. Image @ Annie Harmon

And while she copes with this devastating blow to her career due to the vaccine mandate, she fears losing Auggie as she cannot afford the transportation costs for the dog from Italy to the U.S. via a ship.

“My daughter is struggling to deal with how her future is going to look and the stress of knowing she can no longer care for this sweet dog is tearing her up,” says Annie Harmon, mother of the Navy officer, who is currently visiting her daughter in Italy and supporting her through the difficult times.

Taking Auggie to the United States

Harmon tells that Auggie has to go back with her on a ship to U.S. in November since it’s known that the cabin pressure on a plane can be damaging to English bulldogs. In other words, putting Auggie her on a flight can endanger her life as she suffers from respiratory issues.

Harmon has set up a GiveSendGo fundraiser for Auggie and is hoping that it gets enough funds to get Auggie safely back to Houston, TX, where she may start a new life with her family.

“Please help Aggie get to the states where we can give her a happy forever home,” Harmon wrote on her fundraiser page.

People can donate to the campaign to bring Auggie to America at this link.