Kids ‘N Comedy Wants Videos From Comedians, Ages 10 to 18

KIDS ‘N COMEDY- Leo Frampton, 15, appearing in Kids ‘N Comedy at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC. Photo by Lee Wexler.

Kids ‘N Comedy, New York’s leading presenter of young comic talent, wishes to help broaden the New York “comedy culture” with the influence of young comics from around the country and the world. To do this, and to demonstrate how youngest comics are often the funniest, Kids ‘N Comedy is soliciting videos from any and all English-speaking comedians age ten to eighteen for its “Stand Up and Be Counted” contest. Entries are due by April Fools Day (April 1) and one entry will be declared the winner. It will be screened at the Kids ‘N Comedy show April 10, 2011 at Gotham Comedy Club and posted on the Kids ‘N Comedy website ( The selected comedian will receive a $30 iTunes gift certificate as an appreciation gift.

Kids ‘N Comedy’s host and emcee, David Smithyman, explains, “We’re looking for 2-3 minutes of stand-up on anything you want that will inspire, educate, and enlighten us, and above all, make us laugh. We want you to show us your unique perspective through comedy, and show us how you see the world. If you’re clever, funny, or you just have something to say, we want to hear from you!” There are content restrictions, however. Nothing profane, sexist or homophobic will be accepted, nor will ethnic slurs. “If you have to rely on stuff like that to be funny, then this probably isn’t for you,” states Smithyman.

If you’re a kid, age ten to eighteen, who watches stand-up comedy on television and thinks “Hmm, I could do better,” you are invited to take your best two-to-three minutes of material, post it to YouTube and email the link to Kids ‘N Comedy at [email protected]. Also please go to the organization’s Facebook page (, become a fan and post your video on the wall. The process is free, of course, and entries are due by April 1.

Jo Ann Grossman, co-producer of Kids ‘N Comedy, explains, “We hear kids tell jokes every day, and we are constantly surprised by how clever, original, and above all hilarious young people can be when they really set their minds to it. That said, we think there are way more hilarious kids and teenagers out there in the world that we’ve never met or heard from. That’s why we are having this contest. If you’re good, we want to know you.”