American Video Pioneers Interactive Window Displays for Bloomingdale’s

Interface and directions for use. Star is actually on inside of the window glass.

American Video has achieved a new level of interactive store windows display for Bloomingdale’s. Jack Hruska, executive VP, creative services and Harry Medina, Bloomingdale’s Windows Visual approached American Video to design an interactive store widow display for this year’s Bloomingdale’s Christmas Windows.

The results speak for themselves as throngs of people have taken turns from Thanksgiving Day, 2011 to January 2, 2012 at three created window displays at Bloomingdale’s on Lexington Avenue, NYC to take their picture and see their picture on the Bloomingdale’s Facebook page. The picture can then be uploaded to the picture taker’s own Facebook page.

Camera and sign for participatory portraiture.

The technology involves custom “stars” on the inside of the window display which, when pressed, act as the switch to activate a picture taking countdown. The photograph, taken in high resolution, is displayed on three overhead display screens before being uploaded to the Bloomingdales’ Facebook page. Single pictures or group family pictures can be taken. Seven licensed special application softwares are used.

This developed technology can be applied to various types of interactive window displays involving the customer as more than a mere observer of the window display. Now the potential customer can actually participate in the window display and make intelligent choices on both their preferences and whether they choose to be contacted. This provides a significant new point of contact to interact with the potential customer. No longer are window displays only visually interesting and informative, now they have become a point for customer interaction.

Interactive display by American Video at Bloomingdale’s, 2011. Lighted star at right is interface for onlookers to add their photos to Bloomingdale’s Facebook page.

The Bloomingdale’s windows electronics were developed and installed by Tyler Erdman, Lee Erdman, David Sherman, Greg Sherman and Abram Ward. The widow’s design was based on previous years’ Bloomingdale’s Christmas Bags as redesigned by Harry Medina of Bloomingdale’s Windows Visual and built by Spaeth Design.

American Video, a registered trademark, has been doing innovative electronics, including rentals and installations since 1979. Focused on high technology audio visual, web streaming and other high technology events, American Video also provides support for its sister organization American Conference Centers,