Vocalist Lisa McClowry Dances with Vampires in Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales

In support of her new “Time Signatures” CD to be released June 22, 2010, sexy songstress Lisa McClowry has filmed a narrative short film that features a four-minute dance sequence/music video at Joseph’s Cafe in Hollywood for her “Born Twice” single, which will also be featured in a segment entitled “Vampire’s Dance” for the new “Twisted Tales” series by horror writer/producer Tom Holland (“Fright Night,” Child’s Play,” Psycho II” and many, many more).

Music fans will be familiar with McClowry’s ongoing recording work with her legendary producer/co-writer Jimi Peterik (Grammy award winner, Oscar nominee for Eye of the Tiger, writer of The Search Is Over, Hold on Loosely, Vehicle and many more). Hollywood insiders will recall that vintage designed Joseph’s Cafe has serviced noted clientele like Clarke Gable and James Cagney.

Featuring a club remix of “Born Twice,” McClowry will be seduced in “Vampire’s Dance” by the ruggedly handsome Shaun Benson, who has appeared in TV roles for “General Hospital,” “Cold Case,” “Just Cause,” “The Associates” and more. The dance mix was done by dance mix expert and top musician Joe Hurt.

In keeping with the tradition of Holland’s pulse racing and often seductive film style, horror fans will not be disappointed by the dance scene choreographed by noted actress Kimberly McCullough, who has appeared in television roles on “General Hospital,” “General Hospital: Night Shift,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Joan of Arcadia,” “Judging Amy,” “ER,” “Party of Five” and more. “Vampire’s Dance” is produced in association with horror starlet Danielle Harris and Dead Rabbit Films (Tom Holland and music hit-maker David Chackler’s company).

Gadget devotees will be intrigued by “Twisted Tales” as it is the first series specifically designed for mobile devices. Less than 10 minutes in length, “Vampire’s Dance” and the other videos currently planned for production are destined to be cult classics.

For more information, please visit www.deadrabbitfilms.com

More about Lisa McClowry:

Before becoming one of the hottest tickets in her hometown of Chicago, Lisa McClowry began her adult career working behind the scenes in movie music. She collaborated with Mark Mothersbaugh of the iconic group Devo and Lavant Coppock to write and perform “Through the Eyes of Child” for the motion picture “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.” Later, she served as the singing voice & voice over artist for TRESemme Shampoos and Conditioners TV Campaign (“TRESemme, Ooh la la TRESemme!”) and Applebee’s.

Additionally, Lisa performed the theme song, “Bridge to the Stars” with Tracey Amos for the “Wild Thornberrys” soundtrack, and was selected to sing the voice of the “Princess” in “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.”

Drawing from musical influences that include Ella Fitzgerald, Ann Wilson (Heart), Steve Perry (Journey) and her extensive live performance work, she is taking her soulful four-octave range on a new voyage with her album release, “Time Signatures.” In collaboration with mentor/producer Jim Peterik (Grammy award winner, Oscar nominee for “Eye Of The Tiger,” writer of “The Search Is Over,” “Hold On Loosely,” “Vehicle” and many more), McClowry will release “Time Signatures” on June 22, 2010 under the NuGroove/Worldstage Int’l label and will be distributed by Red/Sony. Visit www.lisamcclowry for a complete listing of live concert appearances.

More about Twisted Tales“Twisted Tales” is a brand new series of short films, written and directed by Tom Holland, the master of horror behind such legendary “scares” as “Fright Night,” “Child’s Play,” “Psycho II” and the adaptations of Stephen King’s “Thinner,” and The Langoliers.”

In the great tradition of anthology shows, such as, “The Twilight Zone,” “Outer Limits” and “Amazing Stories” comes these new thrilling, and chilling tales from Tom Holland, who wrote and directed some of the most memorable episodes of “Tales from the Crypt,” as well as “Amazing Stories.” Each segment runs under 10 minutes, and is guaranteed to hold you spellbound until the very “Twisted” end.

Each episode will boast an impressive list of “who’s who” talent from the horror genre, and beyond, including William Forsythe ( The Devil’s Rejects, Raising Arizona, The Rock ), Danielle Harris( Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” , The Last Boy Scout), AJ Bowen (Hatchet 2, House of the Devil, The Signal), Bonnie Piesse (Star Wars: Episodes II and III “Revenge of the Sith,” “Attack of the Clones”), and Shaun Benson (“General Hospital,” “Cold Case,” “Just Cause,” “The Associates” and more.)

Stay tuned to www.deadrabbitfilms.com for more information on how you can download this horror series to your mobile device.

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