‘Tribeca Y’ a Home of Heart Pounding Blues

When New York City’s rush-hour Holland Tunnel jam subsides, a hidden treasure emerges at 200 Hudson Street. The venue is the Tribeca Y, home of great music, theatre, film screenings and comedy.

Delta Roots Blues, Grass Roots Blues call it what you like, when Hugh Pool mixes magic on the steel guitar and harp, while Flute Meister John Ragusa makes everything from conch shells to tuning forks sing, we’re talking MULEBONE; “High Wire Act Blues Roots Duo.” Last night, Mulebone teamed up with singer, songwriter, modern blues guitarist Chris Bergson and Drummer Tony Leone for a cool-smooth to all out fiery feel good evening.


Hugh Pool & John Ragusa

Chris Bergson

John Ragusa, Chris Bergson, Hugh Pool, Tami Lynn and Tony Leone

A special thanks goes out to quest performer, lovely Blues Gal, the incomparable Tami Lynn.

With tables to eat and have a brew during performances, relax, have tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, Hummus on toasted Laffa Bread and hot soup on a cold Autumn night, mosey on over for some good times and maybe catch the current Doomsday Film Festival and Art Show.

Tribeca Y:

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David Pambianchi
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