Time to ‘Go Now’ with INFINITE

Garrett Godwin: Let’s start first with your real name and why you are truly “Infinite”

Infinite: My real name is D. Francis, otherwise known as Infinite. The reason why I’m truly “Infinite” is because there are no limits to what I can do. I am a multi-talented artist; I’m a rapper, an actor. I’m also an editor for music videos and I produced music with some of my producers since the beginning of my solo career.

GG: Once you upon a time, were you “The Prodigal Son”? If so, how did you find your way back?

Infinite: I felt that I had almost everything I needed at the time I was putting out music back then when I was on top of the charts. But, unfortunately, I got myself caught up in events that went down in my city and caught up in a lifestyle, which did cost people their lives. I regret people losing their lives, which was never my fault, but surviving through this did make me more of a powerful man. Given another chance to get back into music made me appreciate the talent that I have perfected over the years of recording. And this is why I decided to finish what I started and that is put out more music that will leave an impact on people’s lives.

GG: How does artists such as yourself combines rap/hip-hop with a single named a parable from the Bible? After all, one genre is generally known for violence, harsh language, explicit sexuality and so forth. The other is known as the Gospel, the Good News, the living Word of God, the fall of man through sin and the rebirth of humanity through the self-sacrificing death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Infinite: I don’t think rap/hip-hop has to always be violent or use harsh language. I’m not a gospel rapper, nor do I consider myself a gangster rapper, but give me a gangster track and I’ll show you how you can bring it to another level, where gang members who are lost could learn how to bring peace, or how to inspire kids to stay in school, etc I’m kind of like the

Tookie Williams of rap. The only difference is, I’m here to help change the perception of hip-hop. I did do a lot of wrong things in my life, but I learned off of my mistakes. And I apologize to anybody I’ve ever hurt. I’m a man now.

GG: What were your musical – and spiritual – influences growing up?

Infinite: Growing up, my musical influences were Grandmaster Flash, UTFO, Run-DMC, Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, and even Michael Jackson. Spiritual influences would be my mother having us pray at night before closing our eyes to go to sleep, and showing my brothers and I what Scriptures were good for us to read.

GG: Is rap/hip-hop still consider as the “Infinite” genre in music?

Infinite: Rap/Hip-hop is the genre of music that I do. This first single has a bit of a rock guitar feel to it. Kinda like the sound of an anthem or a boxing fight walk out track.

GG: What was it like winning a Much Music Award & a Juno Award?

Infinite: The day we won our first Juno Award was actually a shock, because we were still trying to build our name at the time, so to hear the presenter say our name kind of caught us off guard, while we were thinking it was too early to capture the win. When it came to the Much Music Awards, I was happier than shocked because by then we had built our name in the industry.

GG: What’s next for you after this?

Infinite: Next, I’m setting up to start recording for the second album, and we’re getting ready to do a few more videos. A tour will also be lined up soon for my supporters.

GG: Where can your fans check out your music?

Infinite: My fans can find my tracks on iTunes available right now. Follow Infinite on twitter: @INFINITE_LDC

Garrett Godwin
Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.