‘This Is Love’ Sean Jones

CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): The debut album This Is Love marks the introduction of singer/songwriter Sean Jones, who is performing at a fundraising event at The Great Hall this Tuesday evening in Toronto. It is hosted by Eva’s Initiatives, an organization that provides opportunities for at-risk teens and young adults between the ages 16-24. Jones met with them last Christmas while in the process of planning a tour in the middle of it. “I just want to give back in anyway I can because I love kids” he said.

Sean’s career began in high school, as co-singer of the group In Essence with his friends Pops, Dru, Que, and Touch, whom he considers as brothers. After signing with the management group of legendary New York DJ Funkmaster Flex (“He was the guy” Sean compliments), the group went on to sign with Sony Canada. A younger version of Boyz II Men, In Essence completed two albums yet the second went unreleased due to Sony’s merger with BMG. After 12 years together, the group decided to part ways.

Following the break-up, Sean began taking guitar lessons and locked himself in his room to began the grueling process of working on This Is Love. “I didn’t know how to layer a track” he revealed. “I literally lost myself there for a year. To have a chance to create something in your head, it was extremely powerful. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m so excited right here.”

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The album from WIDEawake Entertainment Group consists of six songs, including the bonus track “See The Sun” and “2 Wrongs,” which tells the story of a man who cheated on his girlfriend, who already knew about it and decides to teach him a lesson. In other words, what goes around comes around. “2 Wrongs” is the standout track from this album, along with “Highway Enough.” This Is Love has a mixture of R&B, soul, and rock melodies that blends in smoothly and romantically, for Sean Jones may be compared to Usher and Lenny Kravtiz — but he is an unique artist with his own style. “I don’t think I can be compared to Usher or any R&B artist” he humbly responds.

“2 Wrongs” will be performing at the fundraiser event, along with a duet between Sean and Divine Brown covering the Marvin Gaye-Tammi Terrell duet “Precious Love.” With his tour across Canada completely since last month, Sean is now working on his first full-length album, and this budding musician feels he has grown artistically and production-wise, and doesn’t feel nervous at all.

“I’m so fortunate and blessed. I can’t wait to do the next set. I can’t wait to get back to the studio. We still haven’t figured out which songs are going to be on the album, but it’s going to be some pretty exciting stuff. I’m going to keep my fingers cross” he said.

More about Sean Jones can be found at his MySpace page or official website.

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