The Ida Road Band Chugs On With CD Building Steam

The Ida Road Band

From the very beginning of the CD, these guys didn’t have to build. They hit you head on and full blast with Live Wire. The sound was what folks back home might have called something like, hillbilly swing. I believe around here the term is Red Dirt.

They are The Ida Road Band from Tom Bean, Texas,

With an added wolf whistle now and then, it sounded pretty good.

The CD takes you from rocking and honky tonkin’ to some good old country blues.

The group flat sang it (and played it) on their title song Building Steam. Then, they slow it down and get you to thinking a little with the next one, Remember Me.

There are some great lyrics to be heard here. All but one of the songs were written by band member James Bailey and sung with scratchy sounding, country vocals.

A whole lot of drinking was going down with serious lyrics like pull the trigger on the whiskey bottle. Whew.

But, with others like, I picked up the trash in the yard that the dog tore up today and … Don’t forget to close the gate. You can’t help but like ’em.

The band is from around Sherman,a place called Tom Bean. They’ve been playing a few places and hope to start playing a little more around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Oh yeah … for the record here, I drink my Folgers black, too.

Karen Raine is a Texas based freelance writer whose interests include travel, art, antiques, collectibles and country music. Karen is also a songwriter and can be reached at [email protected]