The Best of American Bandstand: January 14, 1984

Newsblaze presents The Best of American Bandstand with your host, Dick Clark.

On this day of January 14 in the year 1984, the group Quaterflash came on Bandstand to performed “Take Me to Heart” and “Take Another Picture,” the follow-ups to their breakout hit “Harden My Heart.”

But it was this next artist that made this edition memorable. After a slow start, her self-titled debut album began to picking up speed on the charts and went platinum with songs like “Lucky Star,” “Burning Up,” and “Holiday.” Twenty-five years after that performance, she continues to shock us and the world as an artist, a performer, and as a woman. She’s now know as the Material Girl from Detroit, but back in this 1984 interview with Dick Clark and still today, she’s known by only one name: Madonna.

From MadonnaIsrael:

Sadly, that is all the time we have here today, but thank you for joining us here, so we’ll see next time on American Bandstand.

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