Subormal Magazine’s Hollywood Entertainment Calendar

The following are some of our top picks for music, entertainment, and nightlife in and around Los Angeles. While we are a fan of most, but not every one of these bands, some simply get our kudos due to the fact of their survival over the many long years. A star indicates our top picks.

April 2014

24, The Fixx, with Dramarama, Saban

26, Moon Block Party at Sunset Ranch, Oasis-Mecca, CA, with Vincent Gallo and many



17, Lauryn Hill, Nokia

Skid Row, Whisky a Go Go

31, Black Flag, House of Blues

24, War, The Family Stone, potheads Cheech and Chong, Greek Theatre


6-8, The Faint, Roxy (6 and 7th sold out)

28, Ira Glass, Royce Hall


4, Fear, Whisky a Go Go

23, Tori Amos, Greek Theatre

2-4, Steven Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers with Edie Brickell, with L.A. Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl

11, 12, Chris Isaak with L.A. Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl

25, 26, Gloria Estefan with Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl


7, Hilary Hahn, performing Brahams, Hollywood Bowl

10, Otmar and Liebert with Luna Negra, Saban

14, Yo Yo Ma with L.A. Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl

27, Peter Frampton with Buddy Guy, Hollywood Bowl


5, 6, Elvis Costello with Ben Folds and L.A. Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl

28, Pixies, Gogol Bordello, Cat Power, Hollywood Bowl


10, Jerry Lewis

Subnormal magazine was started in the 90’s, (hard copy), to get kids to read poetry that normally would not, mixing poems with interviews with bands. The idea worked, and plus, we got some free rock and roll music out of it and partied non stop for ten years across the country and lived to tell about it. Now, subnormal is creeping back online, and with that said, if you don’t read poetry, you should.


Electronic Plantation (Lyrics to the song) written and recorded by Jello Biafra


Ho Ho Ho

Shipped your job to Mexico

But we got plans for all of you to re-train

Pit the whole world against each other

For who will work for the lowest wage

The rest of you can die

As epidemics rage

Worked hard all your life

Now you must go on line

And stare all day

At a little plastic screen

Electronic plantation

Electronic plantation

Same old job

Now you’re just a temp

Less pay, no benefits

No raise, no vacation

Or sick leave days

Chain the slaves to the oars

Faster, faster, row some more!

In carpel tunnel caverns

Til you break

We monitor you all

Every time you leave your chair

Or talk on the phone

One minute overtime

At the toilet

And you’re fired

Electronic plantation

Electronic plantation

Only use we’ve left for you

Is burn you at both ends

Locked in the research triangle

Shirtwaist fire’s flames

Lot’s of people need your job

And you can be replaced



Unemployed and overqualified

Strikers who gave their lives

Fighting for basic human rights

That don’t mean nothing anymore

Got you back down on the floor

through the WTO

Rich get richer

Poor get poorer

Factory or PHD

You are all termites now

Laptop is your ball and chain

Til we downsize you away

Shop at home

Is your reward

Your best friend is a mouse

Electronic plantation

Electronic plantation

Electronic plantation

Electronic plantation

This text content is anti-(c) 2014 subnormal magazine, The Hollywood Sentinel, no rights reserved. Lyrics by Electronic Plantation are owned and credited with world wide rights to Jello Biafra. The text of this page only may be reproduced if in full and for no profit and a link provided back to this site. Image may not be reproduced and is owned by dum dum girls, with art rendering by subnormal; all dum dum rights reserved.