Stephanie Fleming to Perform at Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Pop and Christian Singer Stephanie Fleming will perform and entertain this Sunday at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, to an expected crowd of over 120,000 guests.

Breaking barriers for Christian Music, giving audiences a warm vocal style, and uplifting songs that help enliven the spirit of any faith; as reported on NBC News earlier last month, Stephanie Fleming entertains with both Christian and secular Pop music, with a level of talent and integrity seen by few.

She will perform this Sunday at the widely attended Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, with details about the performance and a brief history on the artist, here below.

Stephanie Fleming to Perform at Colorado Dragon Boat Festival 1
Stephanie Fleming, Photo Credit: Jackie Crespin, 2018.

About Stephanie Fleming:

Stephanie Fleming picked up her first mic at just 4 years old. She was a beautiful girl of just 12, when she began singing to crowds of hundreds of people. Stephanie didn’t measure the size of the crowd at the time. Singing was never hard for her. The audience was there to worship. But she had to be good enough, and she was. Her young voice was after all, trained by the best. At just 15, she was, as noted last month on ABC news; “singing in mega-churches, and training with none other than an Italian Opera maestro.”

Being ‘good enough’ was a theme that, unbeknownst to the rising young star, would later come back to her as an adult to teach her a lesson. It is that lesson that today, Stephanie carries with her in her heart; the lesson of having and maintaining self-esteem, and following one’s bliss.

Stephanie Fleming always wanted to be on stage. It felt right to her. It was who she was; a singer. The gift of her voice was in tune with her spirit. She was never uncomfortable, no matter how large or massive the audience; and they loved her. They loved her so much, the gifted singer became a paid professional, before she was even old enough to drive a car. Hailing from the Rocky Mountains Region, she reportedly trained at many of the best schools including The University of Colorado, among more. Stephanie constantly trained; expanding her range, and perfecting her craft, incorporating the ability of varying genre styles and vocal techniques that would later come to define her sound.

The Challenge of Self-Esteem

Yet just seven years later, at the tender age of 22, Stephanie got married, and the sweet young Christian woman reportedly abandoned what she knew God had called her do. Not only did she say that her spirit was crushed, but her dreams slowly died, as she apologized for wanting to reach the talents she had been blessed with, that then seemed further and further away from her.

Ten years later, Stephanie’s dear sister passed away. It was during this dark night of the soul; which served as a wake up call for the young woman – with a fire in her that was nearly snuffed out, still yet burned – that Stephanie said she prayed to find the strength to love herself more for who she was. It was this realization that came to her then she said, which could be summed up in one sentence; “Never ask permission to be who God made you to be!”

Stephanie Fleming to Perform at Colorado Dragon Boat Festival 2
Stephanie Fleming, Photo Credit: Jackie Crespin, 2018.

Purpose Regained

Following in the footsteps of Amy Grant, as reported earlier on ABC News, Stephanie promised to put herself and God first, and never again give up on her dreams and the gift of her talent. She reportedly returned to the music world with a force like never before, and was embraced with open arms, joining the widely regarded tribute band Groove ‘N Motion, with the Rocky Mountain Horns.

Keeping Faith

Stephanie is generously also always open to collaborating with other talented musicians. She reported earlier today to News Blaze, stating; “What I have been teaching to my students is to never, ever give up!” She continues, “No matter what limitations, self doubt, or voices are in your head, there is an inner drive in all of us. We are all given a gift. And we need to continue to follow that. Others that are afraid to step out of their comfort zone may criticize us, and say that we are being too ego-based, or selfish, or that we are too old, or so many other limiting beliefs that others may try to put on us, or that we hear in our own head as self-doubt. Those are lies! We need to shut those voices out, and we need to follow our heart and intuition, and follow the gifts that God has given us.” Stephanie continues, “There is something so much bigger in us, that is so much bigger than every one of us. We need to let that shine through, and share that special gift with the world.”

Today, the beautiful, full time Pop and Christian singer, as noted on NBC news, also teaches meditation and yoga, which aligns perfectly with her faith, and her life philosophy of treating ourselves and others with compassion. Stephanie says she wants to touch as many people as she can with her music.

As published earlier on Fox News, she states, “I want to help. I want to awaken the spirit in others, and remind people not to make the same mistake I almost permanently made. Don’t die with your dreams still inside of you! Live your passion. Live your purpose that God put you on this Earth to find, and to share that with the world! That’s what I’m thankful to now be doing again.” She adds, and “never – never ask permission to be who you are!”

Stephanie Fleming Live:

Stephanie Fleming will be performing live this Sunday July 29, 2018, at 2pm with Groove ‘N Motion, to a crowd of over 120,000, at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. Admission is Free, with just five-dollar parking at the Auraria Campus, and a free shuttle to and from the festival, located at ​Sloan’s Lake Park; Denver, Colorado. Celebrating the Year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology, the Festival will be providing some of the areas best in arts, crafts, food, and entertainment among more.

Stephanie Fleming; Official Instagram:

Listen to Stephanie Fleming in the video here below:

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