Starpower Management Signs Santa Barbara Guitar Great Rick Maiani

Starpower Management in Los Angeles, the firm that represented Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, is pleased to announce that they have just signed local Santa Barbara music legend Rick Maiani in all areas.

Born October 19, 1959 in Boston Massachusetts, Rick Maiani has resided in the luxury community of Santa Barbara for over forty years. Raised in a musical and artistic family, Rick chose the natural path of becoming a musician. Rick’s greatest influence was none other than his own father; world famous Tenor Opera singer Dario Maiani, whose talent is still recognized throughout the world.

Rick Starpower Management

Rosemary Ashby, Rick’s mother, also highly influenced Rick’s stage presence with her work as a professional actress. Talent extends to the rest of Rick’s family as well. Rick’s brothers; Nino and Patrick are also musically gifted performers, with Patrik now even performing in the same band together with Rick.

Rick Maiani’s career began to elevate shortly out of his high school years, when he formed his own band which included local shows, and later a coastal tour. Rick re-formed his early band and re-named it Voila, going on to perform and open for rock legends including Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Butterfly, and Ozzy Osbourne among others, which saw Rick playing in front of forty thousand strong plus crowds. The great sound and strong musicianship of the band won them “The Battle Of Band’s of Southern California” contest, at which they earned a contract with Chrysalis Records. Rick was then voted “Guitar Player of the Year,” and the band later signed with World Wide Records, recording their first influential album under the title Smoke N Burn, “Legalize,” which would later influence many others with its controversial name and unique style. After cooling down from their early wild and crazy days, the band was later re-named The Rick Maiani Band.

Rick then focused on his family, and began teaching the guitar, drums, bass and vocals to many in the Santa Barbara community, with students from ages five to seventy five, including children of music star Kenny Loggins and The Beach Boys, among other stars and VIP’s. The band leader has now, thanks to many fans, begun playing again, and re-formed the band, now playing under the name of that first album, ‘Smoke and Burn.’ The talented Laine Maiani has been added on bass, with Sarah G. Maiani on drums. The genre of original Rock and Blues remain the same, yet the new sound is as unique and legendary as ever.

Starpower Management is pleased to announce that they have signed Rick Maiani and his band Smoke N’ Burn in all areas. Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin states, “Rick sent us an e-mail and we pushed play on one of his tracks and it was on obvious decision. Rick is no ordinary musician. He is a masterful craftsman on guitar and of composition that rivals the best in the world, with a soulful and legendary style. He is a hard hitting guitarist with expert skill both on the mic and 6 strings. We are very pleased to now represent him and help bring his great music to more of the world.”

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