Smoke N Burn, Featuring Al Gore Daughter Sarah Gore, Signs with Starpower

Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin is pleased to announce that his firm has signed the rock band Smoke N Burn in all areas. Smoke N Burn features Rick Maiani on vocals and lead guitar, his brother Patrick Maiani on keyboard, Rick’s wife Laine Maiani on bass guitar, and Patrick’s wife Sarah Maiani Gore on drums. Sarah Gore also happens to be the youngest daughter of former United States Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore.

About the Maianis

Patrick and Rick’s father was renown opera singer and fine oil painting artist Dario Darnell Maiani. Rick and Patrick’s mother was the Spanish dancer; Rosemary Ashby.

About Rick Maiani

Born October 19, 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts, Rick Maiani has resided in the luxury community of Santa Barbara, California for more than forty years. Raised in a musical and artistic family, Rick chose the natural path of becoming a musician. Rick’s greatest influence was none other than his own father; world famous Tenor Opera singer Dario Maiani, whose talent is still recognized throughout the world.

Voila, Rick’s previous band, opened for rock legends including Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Butterfly, and Ozzy Osbourne among others. They regularly performed in front of crowds of more than forty thousand. After Viola, Rick focused on his family, and began teaching the guitar, drums, bass and vocals to many in the Santa Barbara community, with students from ages five to seventy five. Rick’s students included children of music star Kenny Loggins and The Beach Boys, among many other stars and VIPs. The band leader has now, to the delight of many fans, begun playing again and re-formed the band, now playing under the name of their first album, ‘Smoke N Burn.’ The genre of original Rock and Blues remain the same, yet the new sound is as unique and legendary as ever.

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About Patrick Maiani

Patrick ‘Piano’ Maiani is an entertainer, pianist, composer, inventor, teacher, and author. Born May 21st, 1964, in Santa Cruz California, Patrick moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1966 where he made solid ties that would last a lifetime. Patrick started studying music and piano at the age of five with Irma Star; a fourth generation student of Chopin. At the age of eighteen he turned down a scholarship to Julliard to play and study music with his father. In 1999, Patrick then started teaching piano to many children of the rich and famous in Montecito, California, and recorded 10 solo piano CDs. In 2006, Patrick composed a classic anthem called “I Wish Everyday Was Christmas” which was recorded and performed by J.R., the songwriter and lead singer of the #1 hit ‘Blue Car’ by the band Dishwalla.

Patrick was granted a U.S. patent for his method of reading and writing music using letters on a phrase line in place of traditional notation on a staff. He has made four music books in this method, which is called EZ/MUZIK. Patrick is currently the President of the non-profit music school Montecito Music and Arts Inc. He is passionate about sharing his EZ/MUZIK method with the community and putting this method on the web, iPad, and related tablets, so that anyone who can read their ABCs can now read music instantly with EZ/MUZIK.

About Laine Maiani

Laine recalls her early days in the rural parts of Denver, Colorado, playing the piano at recitals, and later, violin in the orchestra. Musically inclined, Laine gravitated to anything with rhythm, but loved Rock & Roll the most. Not deviating from her musical roots, she began learning the electric guitar at the age of 35. Music playing became an outlet from her busy world of children and work. As a registered nurse of 23 years, a mother, and wife of Rick, she took the moral high road of family first, and commitment to excellence started at home, then followed later as a musician.

In Smoke N Burn, her first professional band, Laine learned valuable insight in to teamwork amongst the instruments and how magical the music truly sounds when put together. With the bands new hit song “Smile” featured in the upcoming new motion picture “Black Beauty (2015),” Laine’s bass playing helps tell a story of unconditional love. She is excited to continue on the journey to showcase her talents as an artist and musician. “Being a part of the band Smoke N Burn, and having this opportunity to enrich others with upbeat sounds is a dream come true,” Laine states.

About Sarah Gore-Maiani

Born in 1979, Sarah Gore is the youngest daughter of humanitarian and homeless rights advocate Tipper Gore, and Nobel Peace Prize winning environmentalist and former Vice President Al Gore. Also a fine artist, Sarah Gore is happy to have joined the band as percussionist in Smoke N Burn. Sarah’s famous parents are also big fans of the band, with Tipper Gore; also a percussion player, even reportedly offering to guest some time herself on drums. Sarah happily married Patrick Maiani last year.

About Starpower Management

Starpower CEO Bruce Edwin states, “It is really exciting to represent such an awesome new band as Smoke N Burn. In addition to being a great band, I consider it a real honor to represent a part of the family of one of the Vice Presidents of the United States, and the world’s greatest environmental leader of all time.”

The band will be releasing their first single later this month. For interviews or booking requests of Smoke N Burn, contact Starpower Management in Los Angeles, California at 310-226-7176.

Email: StarpowerManagementLLC at gmail dot com.