Si Astbury’s New Songs Broadcast on TRM Radio

New for singer Si Astbury, is that his undiscovered tunes have newly been released to radio audiences. The singer, and now songwriter, was featured and presented by Shaz Kuiama, John Paul and Brian Newton on TRM Radio.

Si Astbury’s Songs On Radio

Astbury’s music will continue to be consistantly played on the air. The songs, and the artist, are already featured on TRM Radio’s website.

Singer Known On TV

Si Astbury

Si Astbury’s singing is not foreign to the world of entertainment, as he had a television debut on “Pop Idols” in 2001, plus a performance interview by ITV.

After numerous other TV appearances it appears that Astbury is making progress as an unsigned indy artist!

New Album Almost Wrapped

Astbury is now in the process of finishing and producing his next album “Love Life,” which he began in early 2013.

Si performing

First Single To Be Released Soon

This talented singer and songwriter’s first single “Dreaming of a Summer’s Day” is due to be released in the spring (2013) for download.

In addition, Astbury, from Burton on Trent Staffordshire in the UK, has been busy with a brand new band, Urban Souls. More to follow on this band and songs in future articles.

Si Astbury on stage

More About Si Astbury

Discover more about Astbury’s writing and his collaborating on the debut Album “Urban Life” at Facebook’s Urban Souls. Fans can also follow Si Astbury’s fan page, Entertainment World of Si Astbury.

TMV Cafe and Forest FM 92.3 are other radio stations of interest.

From the sounds of it, this young man will not be undiscovered for long!