Sexy Liv and Mim Nervo Bring Brilliance Back to Dance Music

Liv and Mim have got it going on, and together their fierce power activates the world that is NERVO, and they are truly amazing! Tearing up the Australian dance scene there in the land down under, these girls break barriers as not only a pair of the hottest female DJ’s and producers ever-in more ways than one ! -but also, as great singers throwing down goddess like grooves on top of their tracks made for other superstar artists including Ke$ha (they co-wrote the cut ‘VIP’ and ‘Boots and Boys’), David Guetta (they wrote and produced vocals on four tracks of his three time Grammy Nominated Album ‘When Love Takes Over’), and they co-wrote the track with David Guetta ‘Night Of Your Life’ featuring Jennifer Hudson.

Also; Pussycat Dolls (they co-wrote ‘If I Was a Man’), and Hanna Montana (they co-wrote Miley Cyrus’ “Let’s Get Crazy,” the theme song to Hannah Montana: The Movie), Kelly Rowland, Deadmau5, Kaskade, and more. And now, the girls are also rocking it for themselves.

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An exclusive interview with Nervo, by Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin- Hollywood Sentinel: That leads me to my next question now, with Nervo Records, what is happening with that, when did you decide to start your own label and bring that under the umbrella of Astrelwerks and Virgin?

Nervo (Liv): Well Nervo Records is a funny thing, because we were originally approached by EMI, to get up Nervo Records. (EMI owns Virgin Records which own Astrelworks which Nervo is a part of).

Hollywood Sentinel: Smart.

Nervo (Liv): And it was really to find artists and sign them to our label and then develop them until released, but midway through our negotiations, EMI really wanted us to sign ourselves as artists to the label, so the focus kind of shifted a little bit basically from being what-scouts-to being artists, which has been interesting, challenging, exciting, and scary at the same time!


Nervo (Liv): We are a bit apprehensive about signing ourselves as artists because we were happy doing what we were doing, but we’re lucky and fortunate now that they have given us the liberty to release the music we want to release, so we’re really happy that they are happy with ‘We’re All No One’ and yeah! Let’s see where it takes us!

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s amazing, that’s great.

Nervo (Liv): Yeah, I mean we still definitely (…) are always looking to work with talented people, just really, it’s about juggling time (laughs) – to fit it in while we’re touring!

Hollywood Sentinel: You’re both super hot, beautiful, and also talented. How has your looks affected your going out there on tour on stuff, at raves with twenty thousand people and more, I mean have you had security issues, or stuff like that?

Nervo (laughs) Liv: We’ve not had any freakies! We’ve had no freaky fans or anything like that, because I mean look, heaven forbid it to happen but we are really fortunate, we have nothing but great lovers around us, you know, supporters…

Hopefully one thing to note, the support we get from our fans, like on our our online, is just overwhelming, like if we’re having a bad day, or we’re not sure about an idea (…) if we’re in the studio, it’s a really lovely thing to get that support, to read people’s comments, and to know that your music actually does sometimes speak to them…

Nervo (Mim): …And get heard…

Nervo (Liv): Yeah…

Hollywood Sentinel: Yeah, one of the unique things about you also is that you both sing too, did you have training vocally, and when did you start singing?

Nervo (Liv): We’ve been singing forever…

Nervo (Mim): We’ve always been in choir, and we’ve always learned instruments like piano, we’ve just been music addicts I think (laughs)

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s cool.

Nervo (Liv): I think music is one of those things, I mean you do pick it, but I think eventually it picks you. It picks you, and it becomes this faucet-so we’ve definitely always been music addicts-music lovers.

Hollywood Sentinel – Bruce Edwin: How did it happen with the Britney Spears tour? Because that obviously brought you to a whole new level and a whole new realm of fans. I personally think Britney’s awesome, but what was that like and will you tell us a little bit about that?

Nervo (Liv): Well I still remember the day that we were asked to do it, I just couldn’t believe it, I was like-you mean what?! Now our agent asked us if we’d like to tour with Britney Spears, and you know, we had done clubs and club tours, but we had never done a pop arena tour, even though we do rap for pop stars, you know we DJ, so it’s very different, but our agent was telling us how Britney really liked our music and she wanted more underground things, so we naturally jumped at the opportunity, you know it was such an experience. I feel when we’re old and gray, we’re going to be talking about it!


Nervo (Liv): We’re big fans of Britney as well and we love that Nicki Minaj is on the tour as well, because those girls are such prominent female pop stars (…) so it’s very complimenting…

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool…

Nervo (Liv): It was great, and you know it was one day on, one day off, so what we did was play on The Britney Tour and then on the one day off we would go and play a club gig…

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow!

Nervo (Liv): Yeah it was incredible, I still can’t believe we did it, and I can’t believe it’s over!


Nervo (Liv): It was so much fun!

Hollywood Sentinel – Bruce Edwin: Well that’s amazing, that’s really really cool. I could talk with you both forever but I know there is a time crunch, so I just have a few more questions for you if that’s cool…

Nervo (Liv): Yeah, go for it!

Hollywood Sentinel: The rave scene has gotten probably unfairly attacked in some ways. How do you see with the so called rave culture and dance music scene you are involved in, with being more or less dangerous than the rock and roll scene?

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