Rick Springfield Rocks Port Charles

It’s the Summer of Love — Eli Love, that is, as Rick Springfield came back to rock Port Charles this week on General Hospital. The 58-year-old performed Tuesday his latest single, “What’s Victoria’s Secret?” from his new album, Venus in Overdrive, which is out now.

This wasn’t the first time that Rick sang on General Hospital. Besides playing Dr. Noah Drake, he has also been portraying in a recurring role of the Australian rock superstar since last summer, when the musician-actor performed “Who Killed Rock N’ Roll”.

Rick Springfield first checked into GH in 1981 as Dr. Drake, who was the original McDreamy. He checked out in 1983 to concentrate on his music career, and returned in 2005 for occasional appearances. Rick has been singing and acting for over three decades, scoring over a dozen Top 40 hits, winning a Grammy, having four multi-platinum albums, and starring in film and television.

His most famous song, 1981’s “Jessie’s Girl”, became the pop-rock anthem of the 80s — making Springfield a household name. However, despite being in his 30s, Rick was labeled as a teen idol at the height of his career rather than as a serious singer-songwriter.

Still, success hasn’t spoiled him, because he has proven time and time again that he has staying power. Rick Springfield has never received the credit he truly deserves because he’s all about the music and connecting with his fans.

You can catch a repeat of his performance from this YouTube clip:

Or, you can go to www.rickspringfield.com and listen to “What’s Victoria’s Secret?” as well as other songs from his new album, Venus in Overdrive, which is available on Amazon and at Best Buy.