Music 4 Life Helps Relieve Stress

Judyth Pinkerton the founder of Music 4 Life has been an accomplished musician for most of her life. As a violinist she has traveled throughout the world working for such notables as Andre Bocelli. Ms. Pinkerton started a non profit music conservatory in Anchorage Alaska where she lived for 25 years. It was through her former husband’s back surgery that she produced a tape of beautiful music which helped replace his pills for his high blood pressure. Apparently music has a definite healing property.

Through Ms. Pinkerton’s passion to help people, she created Center for Creative Thoughts and Arts. It wasn’t long however, before her husband was called to be Personal Director for the University of Nevada of Las Vegas, that her new residence would become Las Vegas. As life would have it, there was a new direction for Ms. Pinkerton, where she divorced and remarried. She continued her music, helping individuals, creating Music 4 Life, a non profit organization specializing in relieving stress-related problems.


“Stress is responsible for 95% of all ailments,” she states.

There are two health club memberships available for $25.00 and $35.00. The first provides the patron with drum circles, where individuals play drums for therapy. The second membership is unlimited, where a patron has 22 drum circles, time management, a program that helps organize a person’s time through a wellness expert. There is also the acoustic lounge, where the individual is placed in a private room in a bed which vibrates to specially created music.


The music is designed to take you to a deep state of relaxation that reduces emotional and physical stress. Back pains in many cases are gone for up to 7 hours. This is also true for individuals who have had kidney stone operations. Whatever your pain may be, or the stress you may be dealing with, the Wellness Classes, Music Medicine, Drum Circles, or Music Therapy could be your answer to some of your problems. Music 4 Life invites you to visit their health club and training center. Call [702] 889-2881 or stop by at 2975 South Rainbow Blvd., suite B, in Las Vegas.


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