Johnny Avello Equalizes The Odds For American Idol…David Archuleta #1

Everyone should find out the latest on American Idol, including Sin City’s very own odds-makers. It is the reason Johnny Avello, director of the Race and Sports Book at Wynn Las Vegas, has predicted for the fates of the Top 4 finalists.

According to him, young David Archuleta is in first place; with the odds of becoming this season’s Idol is 6-5. However, David Cook is closely behind him at 3-2; Jason Castro is next, with 10-1. Unfortunately, “girl power” isn’t doing so well, when Syesha Mercado, comes last, with the odds 12-1.

Since the beginning, Avello has been predicting who will chosen as the next American Idol, and not only is he proud of his choices, but he has also never been far from wrong.

“The only real surprise was Taylor Hicks” he humbly confessed, and “if there’s a surprise for me [this season], it’s David [Cook] so far. I had him down to the ninth spot.”

Betting on horses since the age of five, Avello is a natural when it comes to numbers – so making the odds has come easy for him. But when he’s coursing the fates over the two Davids, he’s making odds for sporting events, award shows, horse races, and other reality shows such as Survivor. Avello even talked with US Weekly about the odds of Hollywood couples getting married.

Watching American Idol is hard work for Avello – but don’t call him a fan. “My favorite is David Archuleta” he concludes. “He doesn’t make mistakes, he’s always on key and his arrangements are good.”

Who would have known that Johnny Avello would score with Sin City’s very own odds-maker demographic?

Source: Stephanie Lysaght of The Los Angeles Times

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