Indie Artist Takes On The Behemoth MTV Channel

The Timothy John Ramirez Band (TJR), a self-proclaimed “kick-ass rock band fused with roots music,” has officially declared war on “former” music television channel, MTV, with the release of their new single, “Peace, Love and Don’t Trust MTV” for the Alt- Rockers upcoming, as yet untitled, third CD. The song attacks MTV for calling themselves a music network although they play almost no music.

Guitarist and lead singer, Timothy John Ramirez
Pictured: Guitarist and lead singer, Timothy John Ramirez, who fronts his own independant band, TJR.

Ramirez, a virtuoso on the guitar who also possesses a strong and smooth baritone voice that is aptly suited for the blues-rock style his band pursues, laments on the single that MTV “Used to be about the music/ but now it’s all just mockery” and sarcastically asks, “Can you tell me what the “M” stands for?”

“That’s what I feel MTV has become,” says the Southern California rocker. “It used to be the coolest thing. Now it’s just a bunch of reality shows with the same 10 videos played over and over again.”

TJR received a nomination for best Roots artist at the 2005 Orange County (CA) Music Awards. He has received an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Plus award three years in row in recognition for his efforts as a song writer.

His first two CDs, “Rip Roarin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Mixed Emotions,” are both available at iTunes and CD Ramirez, a prominent local studio musician who has recorded with numerous other artists, recently sang back-up vocals for Neil Young’s latest CD, the critically acclaimed “Living with War.”

“Peace, Love and Don’t Trust MTV” can be downloaded free at TJR’s official web site ( Radio stations, press, and interested parties can request a CD by emailing TJR at: [email protected]

Richard L. Barrett, III is a writer with a BA in English Literature, who loves to write about the human condition