Indaba Music Builds Digital Audio Workstation on Java Platform

Indaba Music,the leading suite of online tools for musicians, today, at the 2009 JavaOne conference, announced the limited beta of its innovative digital audio workstation (DAW) created to best serve the global online music community. The application, available publicly in July, is built on Sun Microsystems’ JavaFX platform. It will enable amateur and professional musicians such as Weezer to, for the first time, record high-quality audio directly to the internet, access advanced mixing, editing and looping tools as well as drag the software from the browser to the desktop with a single click. The application marks the first DAW to work both on and offline – eliminating the need for local recording software.

“With this new recording application, Indaba Music will empower grassroots and professional music creation in a way never before possible,” said Dan Zaccagnino, co-CEO of Indaba Music. “We talked to musicians around the world about how they make music online and, with the help of Sun, built a JavaFX application to serve our growing community of artists by making the music creation process more efficient.”

Since Indaba Music’s launch in February 2007, the company has grown rapidly. It is now comprised of a diverse, highly-engaged community of over 175,000 artists in more than 175 countries. The Indaba Music DAW will provide these musicians with important features including the integration of a professional clips library with high-quality loops, real-time non-destructive effects, and local caching of audio files to prevent the need for repeat downloads.

“I got different companies contacting me all the time trying to get me excited about their products, and most of the time I just don’t care. But this particular application, the Indaba Music Console caught my fancy,” said Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. “It’s like a simplified version of any of these complex professional recording programs that no one like me knows how to use. It’s going to open the door for a giant population of musicians out there, a giant resource for somebody like me.”

Historically, online collaboration demanded that musicians install recording software and upload tracks to the internet before collaborating, mixing, or editing online. With this new application, Indaba Music will enable musicians to record studio-quality audio directly to the internet.

“JavaFX is an expressive client platform for creating and delivering rich internet experiences and we are very excited that Indaba Music has chosen to build their innovative, new audio recording, editing and mixing application in JavaFX,” said Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing at Sun.

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