‘Hustler’s Music’ Taking Over The Charts

“Hustler’s Music” was written with a true hip-hop sound in mind and now it is taking over the charts. E.G. Lyrical, Hip Hop’s newest sensation, has finally given the audience the unique sound they have been searching for in an artist.

His songs have always had a reality based meaning and continue to touch on some of the more sensitive issues that plague society today. E.G.’s chart topping album “Fast Track” is full of unique beats and lyrics that continue to send sound waves within the Hip Hop Community.

“Hustler’s Music,”another hit of the album, is predicated on the notion of not giving up and keeping up the hustle that is needed to be a successful artist. This is a subject that impacts many artists trying to break into the business, as well as the ones who haven’t even been born yet.

“I wanted to speak to the people who understand what it is like to work hard and never give up. I couldn’t think of a better way to share my experiences and open up to my followers, said E.G.” He has prided himself as portraying the hustle caught on tape representing the struggle and all of its successes. His music is a book and he welcomes all to read each and every chapter.

About E.G. Lyrical: E.G Lyrical is an artist and entrepreneur from Saint Petersburg, FL who specializes in lyrical and upbeat music with political aware undertones. E.G stands for Educated Gangster and his relatable lyrics and intricate story telling further supports his name.

He released his Freshman EP, mixtape and more recently his latest project the Fast track which is continuing to impact the state of Hip Hop due to his clean and rugged Flow. Along with being a performer, he is mastermind behind Lyrical Hustlers Entertainment and Lyrical Studios. He has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon so don’t miss what he has planned next.