How to Succeed In Hollywood – Bands & Models

Often, I will see casting directors or companies charging a fee for seminars to instruct aspiring models and actors on what they need to know in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. As a way to give back to all of the thousands of aspiring talent I have seen and rejected over the years, and to those who I have never spoken with, I give you here in each issue free advice on what it takes to succeed in the industry. You will not find all of this advice for free anywhere else that I am aware of. I hope it helps you.

If you would like any free advice to other questions not found in this article or in all of the back issues of this article under the archives section of this site, you may call my office and I will personally call you to answer your questions when time permits.

BANDS: Some actors have a bad reputation for being flaky. That is because many are. There are however some who are even flakier – models. The winners in the flake award however, are musicians. Some bands are some of the most difficult people to deal with, because they are notoriously flaky. For one, there may be 4 or more members, and if some are reliable, the others may not be. Or, members may be on drugs, hung over, or stoned. Avoid drugs and excessive alcohol use, and be on time and do what you say you will do. That is the biggest thing any band must learn. DON’T FLAKE.

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Also, be prepared to fire a member if they hold you back. I recently listened to a great band, who I wanted to rep and get signed to a major label, and would have, but their singer, though having an A for effort, had little soul, and even less technical ability. They were way off key. Yet, the band refused to replace them. I can image 10 years from now, when they are in the same spot, they may change their mind. Do not hold on to someone in your band if they hold you back. BE PREPARED TO SAY, YOU’RE FIRED! (But in a nice way of course).

Support your peers. Go to other bands shows, become friends with other bands, and support them. They in turn should then return the favor by coming to your shows and supporting you, and you both can then build up with each other’s fan base. There are enough fans to go around, so don’t get over protective of your fans; spread the love, and the love will come back to you. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – (& UNITS SOLD).

PHOTOS: Models and actors, do not spend money on pictures until you have an agent or manager. Any agent or manager you sign with will want your headshots or zed cards (modeling composite cards) to look and be marketed a certain way. An agent or manager is not obligated to use your photos. If however you have unarguably great photos that look like you now, and an agent or manager is interested, they should use them.

Great however is of course, a matter of opinion. Most models or talent I know that try to do trade for print shoots for free, on their own, either get them months later if ever, or get lousy work, looking nothing like what the photos website displayed, if they even have a site. You usually get what you pay for. Bands should not pay for photos unless they can afford it, in which case, find one for around 400 for one look and roll, and each pitch in 100.


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