Hail To My Fairyland – Celebrating America in Music

ORLANDO, Fla., May 26, 2020 – Twin Paws Productions released its first solo Hail To My Fairyland this week via the online distributor CD Baby. The song celebrates America and its traditional values of justice, love, and liberty.

Hail To My Fairyland
Image @ Twin Paws Productions

Hail To My Fairyland started with Ernest Dempsey of Twin Paws Productions, who is also a writer and editor at NewsBlaze, as he wrote the lyrics and conceived the song concept. The music for the song was composed by Ohio-based musician and music teacher Kerry Kennard, who also recruited a singer, Anna, to get vocals for the song.

The song cherishes American values and resonates with a patriotic spirit, celebrating America as a magical place, like a fairyland. The title “Hail To My Fairyland” makes the chorus part of the song.

In his interview with Recovering the Self, Kennard told that it was his first time writing a melody for voice, instead of instruments. In his words:

The upbeat march-like feel adds to the patriotic mood, enhancing the word choice of this piece.

Hail To My Fairyland as a Landmark Project

For Dempsey and Twin Paws Productions, Hail To My Fairyland comes as a landmark project, marking their first song that was produced and released.

“It’s a landmark in my creative journey,” he says. “In times when the country is divided in so many ways, it’s a call for one thing that can unite every American, and that is the unquestionable love of this very special place. That is what brings together a nation.”

Dempsey says he also has plans for making a video version of the song.

Released on Monday, May 23, Hail To My Fairyland is available on all major music streaming services including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube, iTunes, and other. Listeners can stream Hail To My Fairyland on any of their favorite music streaming services off the HearNow page of the song.